Leeds City Council gives update on Leeds Bradford Airport night-time flying applications

Leeds City Council has confirmed that it is currently ‘dealing with’ the airport, following ‘a process set out in national government legislation and guidance’.

Back in June, it was reported that the airport had been exceeded the number of permitted ‘night time movements’ by 25%.

The council confirms that it has now received five Certificates of Lawful Existing Use or Development applications from the airport, all of which outline information that will help to decide if ‘certain aircraft movements are permitted at night at the airport.’

Apparently the CLEUD applications involve a different decision-making process and the council has expressed it ‘is keen to clarify the next steps it will take’ as these applications are ‘ determined purely on the basis of relevant factual evidence assessed against a legal test.’

Leeds City Council reports that this means typical ‘planning merits’ like disturbances and the impact on the surrounding are that would typically be raised at a consultation level cannot be taken into account.

The decision to call for evidence has been based on the ‘significant public interest in the operations of the airport’.

Councillor Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s executive member for sustainable development and infrastructure, said: “The council recognises that planning matters relating to Leeds Bradford Airport are often the subject of much public interest.

“The call for evidence announced today means that third parties, including members of the public, may play a part in providing relevant evidence on these two applications.

“Please note, however, that determination cannot take into account evidence or comments which fall outside the process’s tightly-defined parameters.

“This approach is not a matter of choice for planning authorities, it is one laid down in law.”

As a result, Leeds City Council is asking people that believe they have factual evidence relating to the applications to email the council before Wednesday 18 October via planning@leeds.gov.uk.

The call for evidence relates to the two applications (23/05440/CLE and 23/05442/CLE) for which the airport has submitted flight movement data.

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