The Leeds country pub with a three course giant Yorkshire pudding challenge

Controversial? Absolutely. Delicious? We’re sure of it.

Can you eat one of the biggest Yorkshire puds in one sitting?

If you’re looking for a Sunday roast with a difference, The Crooked Billet in Saxton have something special in store for diners.

The popular pub and restaurant have designed giant yorkshire puddings to serve their roasts in- and they come with all the trimmings and gravy you need.

Image: Crooked Billet

The portions are so big here that Beard Meats Food made a trip to visit and is just one of the competitors the LS24 pub has had in over the past few years- need we say any more?

The challenge itself is three courses of yorkshire pudding goodness where every item on the menu is inspired by the God’s Own Country creation.

There are seven different varieties to choose from. / Image: Crooked Billet

For starters, competitors can warm up their stomachs with a simple homemade yorkie with a meat and onion gravy before moving on to the main course: a huge yorkshire pudding are made from scratch and filled with mashed potatoes, gravy and your choice of filling.

Choose from traditional fillings like sausages, roast meat, steak and kidney or branch out and try out original flavours like Caribbean jambalaya, chili con carne or even a chicken curry.

Sausage, mash and gravy- what more do you need in your Yorkshire pud? / Image: Crooked Billet

Still got room? There’s still a yorkshire pudding on the dessert menu to get through. This sweet variety is filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and sticky toffee sauce.

Controversial? Absolutely. Delicious? We’re sure of it.

The giant yorkshire puddings are all made from scratch. / Image: Crooked Billet

All three courses cost just £19 and if you complete the challenge then you’ll make it on to the Crooked Billet 100% Yorkshire Pudding Challenge wall of fame, along with famed Youtubers Beard Meats Food and Mrs Beard.

Back in 2018, the couple filmed the challenge as Lindsey’s, aka Mrs Beard’s, first ever foodie challenge. Viewers were astounded to see her make an appearance on the video and left warm comments about the couple on their YouTube channel.

Image: BeardMeatsFood

One said: “The smile on your wife shows how much she enjoys yorkshire pudding! My kind of gal!”, whilst others left suggestions for future food challenges to do as a couple.

“I think you should do a series of lindsey trying different foods, it would be interesting to see her perspective on taste. Taste buds do change in time and that’s why you adapt to different flavors once you’re older. Maybe she’ll be surprised in what she really likes”.

Image: Crooked Billet

The country pub is just half an hour from the city centre, located in the village of Saxton. For more information, including how to book your place on the gravy train, visit the Crooked Billet website.

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Feature Image- Crooked Billet

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