Yorkshire rainbow bagel burgers blow away judges on new BBC show ‘Britain’s Top Takeaways’

Exciting news for the Yorkshire burger joint.

Dope Burgers were ranked top of the chosen Britain’s Top Takeaway contestants on their burger night episode.

Born in Hull but with a store now in open on Leeds’ Tong Road, Dope Burgers is home of the rainbow bagel burger bun- but the burger joint is far more that just an Instagrammable foodie spot.

The burgers here are big on flavour- and won Ollie and Danny from Dope Burgers a place on the BBC’s latests TV show: Britains Top Takeaway.

Specialising in all things colourful, Dope Burgers have set up five different locations around Yorkshire: three in Hull, one in Doncaster and one right here in Leeds on Tong Road.

The duo blew away the competition.Image: Dope Burgers

Their revolutionary burgers, made with ingredients like rainbow buns and Biscoff lotus biscuits are just some of the ways that the burger joint is proving it deserves a place on the Leeds foodie scene.

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Beating Yorkshire competitors from Wakefield’s Bear Kitchen; Mooshies, a London-based vegan burger joint and Burger Bros in Brighton, each team had to make a variety of burgers for three families and a tennis club and were then judged according to four groups.

In order to impress the judges, the Hull-based pair showcased the finest from their existing menu. In the first round, judges were offered their trademark rainbow bagel burger in their Black and Blue burger style before serving up a Korean Chickpea burger during the second, vegetarian round.

Finally, Dope Burgers blew the judges away with a Short Rib burger and a ‘two of everything’ for the tennis group, taking the burger joint to victory with a staggering 31 points- a clear winner given second place was a way behind with 23 points.

Their comments were overflowing with praise after sharing the good news with their followers on Instagram. One newfound fan shared: “I actually looked how long it would take to get from Stoke to Hull yesterday to try your food! They look Amazing!!!”

burgers stacked on top of each other.
Image: Dope Burgers

If you want to grab a taste ahead of the TV showing, Leeds’ own Tong Road is home to one of the five Dope Burger spots- and you can let your imagination run wild with your burger selection. Think all your favourite burger toppings wrapped between two juicy buns painted brighter than the spray-painted walls of the shop: it really is something quite unique.

Dope Burgers quickly shot to fame last year for offering out an alternative to the legendary Salt Bae burger at an affordable price. As you’d imagine, it sold out the same day and whilst it hasn’t made a return to the menu just yet, there’s still a real selection of unique combinations that will have you drooling.

You don’t even have to choose out one specific burger to get the neon rainbow version, you can simply upgrade and existing order to a rainbow bun for £1. Bargain for the ‘gram when you think about it.


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BBC Britain’s Top Takeaways is now available on iPlayer for those that didn’t manage to catch the live broadcast

Feature Image- Dope Burgers

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