Future of Yorkshire’s much-loved Alpamare Waterpark could be decided this month

The council is hoping it’ll be open again in time for the school summer holidays.
Alpamare Waterpark in Scarborough, Yorkshire
Alpamare Waterpark in Scarborough, Yorkshire. Credit: Google Maps

The fate of Alpamare Waterpark, a much-loved Yorkshire tourist attraction, is expected to be decided later this month.

The family-friendly collection of slides, swimming pools and play areas closed ‘temporarily’ last October, with plans to reopen this spring.

But owners Benchmark Leisure Ltd collapsed into administration in December and the park was taken over North Yorkshire Council.

It’s meant that the Scarborough waterpark didn’t in fact reopen in spring and has stayed shut even as the summer has finally started to creep in.

But now the local council is almost ready to choose a preferred bidder to take over the attraction after a three-week tender process.

It’s hoped that Alpamare will be back open in time for the school summer holidays.

The £14m park, located off Burniston Road, has been open since 2016 and features an Alpine-style spa, an indoor children’s play area, and three huge feature slides – including the ‘black run’ tunnel which is pitch dark all the way down.

An outdoor pool at sunset at Yorkshire's Alpamare Park. Credit: Instagram
An outdoor pool at sunset at Yorkshire’s Alpamare Park. Credit: Instagram

There’s also an indoor wave pool, an outdoor infinity pool, and a garden pool with patio and gardens.

    Deputy leader Gareth Dadd, said: “We will now work with the preferred bidder who has experience of operating facilities of this nature and will continue to work towards opening in time for the summer season as we promised when we took this site on.”

    The last post from waterpark in North Yorkshire said: “It is with great sadness that we announced the temporary closure of Alpamare Scarborough with effect from today. We plan to reopen in Spring 2024.

    “Whilst we have a fantastic park and lots of brilliant customers, we are unable to continue trading through the winter due to the ongoing high costs associated with our business (including the very high cost of energy needed to heat our facilities and pools in the winter).

    “A brief closure will enable us to carry out essential maintenance and improve energy efficiency.”

    Alpamare Waterpark’s fate will be decided by North Yorkshire Council on 21 May.

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    Featured image: Google Maps

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