Award-winning restaurant HOME is launching TWO new menus this year

The award-winning restaurant is doing more of what they are known for – creativity.

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes on our doorstep, celebrated chef Liz Cottam is known for her effortless ability to tell stories through flavours.

And now for 2024, the owner of HOME is bringing some exciting changes to the menu.

HOME has launched two new menus for 2024, and both promise a multi-sensory experience that celebrate the best of traditional, classic flavours.

Image: HOME by Liz Cottam

The ‘Stuck in the Past’ taster menu is inspired by ‘dishes close to Cottam’s heart’, with comforting and familiar flavours, it’s set to be a proper winter feast.

Think Porcini and Black Trompette ‘Baked Alaska’ with black garlic and sherry and Glazed Pork Belly with macadamia and ginger pork sauce.

The second mirror keeps much of its dishes under wraps: aptly named Smoke and Mirror, the menu explores how sight, smell and taste affects the dining experience.

The new menus come as ‘the chef has decided to resist the temptation to follow many of the nation’s top restaurants to discount, dumb down and ultimately change what they stand for to survive. Cottam has made the choice to celebrate the joy of dining out’.

There’s also a new non-alcoholic drink pairing option that brings a unique combination of juice, aromas, waters, infusions, ferments and more, each designed to perfectly match the dishes and entertain guests.

Image: Supplied, PGHL

Speaking on the new multi-sensory menus, Cottam said:

“Stuck in the Past” is a menu that celebrates the dishes that hold a special place in my heart. Each plate is a modern twist on a classic flavour combination that I absolutely adore.

Some of these dishes have been a part of my life for a long time, going back decades, while others are more recent discoveries. But they all have one thing in common – they evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity, reminding me of the first time I tasted them.

2023 was the most challenging of all the recent years so far. I have no idea what 2024 will hold for us, trading conditions out there are hugely unpredictable right now, but what I can and will control is what we create inside my restaurant’.

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