New Michael O’Hare restaurant, Psycho Sandbar, reveals new menu and opening date

Opening on 14 February and then again on 8 March 2024.

After closing The Man Behind The Curtain at the end of 2023, Michael O’Hare is preparing to relaunch with a new restaurant concept this spring.

Reservations are now available for March, April and May – and ahead of the relaunch, Psycho Sandbar will be hosting a special preview night on Valentine’s Day.

The ‘candle light in a building site’ menu will feature a five course set menu, with hints of the new ‘surf shaky’ feel

Priced at £95 per person, there will be tables available from midday until 10pm on Wednesday 14 February 2024 only.

From here, Fridays and Saturdays can be booked from 8 March – 29 June for either the A La Carte or Taster Menu.

Priced at £165 per person, the taster menu will be available for tables of one to four and features a pesci-heavy luxurious menu with turbot, Caviar Donburri, hand dived scallops and oysters along with Bresse Chicken AOC and A4 beef with froi gras –

The A La Carte is split into six sections, with five different oysters styles: including roasted in French onion soup with a thin slice of Comte; poached in shell served cold with Nam jim or grilled over Birch wood with a smoked plankton beurre blanc and caviar.

Then there’s raw, pasteurised fish options like Hamachi, lobster, scallop and Caviar Donburri; plus a host of Kuzu dumplings options: served as gluten-free fried croquettes with Comte, Gruyère and Beaufort with A5 beef or tuna belly.

The remainder of the menu is packed with a combination of dishes previewed on the Valentine’s Day like turbot and lemon top; the taster menu, like hake throats and hand-dived scallops, and exclusive signature dishes like the ‘Empanciation’: cod, potato, ink and vinegar with a Dashi of cod skin.

Psycho Sandbar has been months in the making. Owner Michael O’Hare said the decision was made in response to the current restaurant landscape back in October 2023.

He said: “Things need to change because the world has changed, I have changed…my team has changed, our outlook. Our ability hasn’t, our vision hasn’t, but the world has.”

The restaurant will still be refined, but in a more accessible way. He added: “You can do six plates and have whole roast duck if you want, we just want to categorise things in a way that’s like ‘this is the product, that’s what we are going to do to it and that’s how much it costs’ and if you want it – and you really do.”

The restaurant will close for a few weeks to transform into Psycho Sandbar, but no dates have been announced as of yet.

“The in comes a new baby,” says Michael. “It’s the same team, the same building and company – these things don’t change. All that is changing is the name, offering and outlook.”

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You can book a table for either the ‘candle light in a building site’ or reopening dates on the Psycho Sandbar website here.

Feature Image – Michael O’Hare via Instagram

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