Rate My Takeaway presenter lists best (and worst) takeaways of all time

The Leeds presenter gave a shout-out to some of his favourite spots during his guest appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast.

Danny Malin, the face of food-ranking channel Rate My Takeaway, has listed some of his best and worst takeaways of all time.

The Leeds presenter gave a shout-out to some of his favourite spots during his guest appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast in August, whilst also reflecting on his least enjoyable meal.

Malin has amassed a six-figure following on YouTube for his series in which he tries takeaways all over the country, taking a camera on the road with him.

Getting recommendations from viewers, Malin films each experience – giving every restaurant a mark out of ten.

So far, he’s been to Bradford for chocolate kebabs and to Bolton for a breakfast cooked by a grandma, but among the dozens of places he’s visited, a few stood out from the pack.

Malin named three takeaways he loved the most – saying he’d found the best one a matter of days ago.

In third, he listed Chez Joel – a little food van in the centre of Leeds near Trinity – where he sampled a French taco and beef patty for a fiver.

“You can go to London and pay £200 [for that]… and [Chez Joel] will beat it any day,” he said.

In second place was Abdul’s in Wakefield – one of the first videos he ever recorded.

“The naan bread was like heaven… and the curry was just unreal,” he commented.

Top of the pile, however, was Nibble – a cafe hidden away between office blocks in Hull.

Malin said he ordered a breakfast sandwich and a chorizo waffle with maple bacon and eggs, along with a chicken tikka wrap and a cookie brownie for dessert – and ended up loving the lot.

He was also urged to order a side of hash browns – which turned out to be a “taste sensation”.

Malin also spoke out about one of the more unpleasant experiences he’s had during the series – when he travelled all the way up to Scotland to sample a ‘munch’ box.

Reflecting on the experience, Malin told the podcast: “I’m stood there and they’re cooking this food in this fryer, and I could just smell they’d probably not changed the oil since [the] War.”

“I opened the box… and it just hit ya. This waft of 30-year-old oil. It turned my stomach a little bit.”

Malin also compared the sausage to a “dead finger” and the burger having what looked like “warts”.

“So, yeah… it got a 1 [rating],” Malin admitted.

“But I did upgrade to a 2 for the bottle of Irn Bru.”

You can listen to the Rate My Takeaway presenter’s full appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast on Spotify.

Featured image: Happy Hour Podcast / YouTube

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