A festival dedicated to Seltzer is coming to Leeds in 2022

A festival dedicated to all things Seltzer is coming to Leeds in 2022.

The new alcoholic phenomenon has been given its own festival.

A festival dedicated to all things Seltzer is coming to Leeds in January 2022- and this is your last chance to get tickets.

Whether you’re new to the Seltzer’s game or you’ve been longing to combine your favourite booze with flavoured carbonated water to create your own seltzers for years, this festival is the perfect opportunity to taste the finest drinks around.

A hard seltzer is alcoholic sparkling water. / Image: Drty Drinks

Gather your seltzer squad and explore along a one-way tasting route, lined with your favourite hard seltzer brands for you to test and rate for flavour, alcohol content and presentation.

The entire festival will live up to its fun-loving name, and the day will be filled with plenty of music, photo opportunities that’ll be a perfect 2022 Instagram debut, and there will be a tonne of games throughout the day to get involved with.

Hidden, the organisers of the event have said:

SeltzerFest is fizzing with excitement because the nationally touring seltzer festival will be coming to Leeds, presenting you seltzer paradise!

“Join us at a secret location in Leeds for bubbles and fun, tasting heaps of seltzers and snapping Insta worthy shots at branded booths!”

Tickets are needed to gain entry to SeltzerFest. / Image: Hidden Leeds

Win a giveaway and party like it’s 2022- because it this festival is set to combine all favourite carefree hobbies into one day of drinking and dancing.

Each ticket entitles a person to a whopping 25 samples each, as well as participation to games and activities held at the Seltzers Fest. There will also be an array of tasty treats to keep your drink down from local food vendors.

Lots of different seltzers will be available on the day. / Image: Jonathan Cutrer

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You won’t find this one on the maps, as it’s held in a secret location in Leeds that will only be announced to ticket holders closer to opening. Tickets cost ¬£55 each and are down to their final few, as the event is due to take place on the 22 January 2022.

Please note this date could change if further Covid-related restrictions are implemented in the United Kingdom.

For more information, including how to book your tickets for SeltzerFest, visit the Hidden website.

Feature Image- Hidden Leeds

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