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Where to find the best cocktail trees in Leeds

From Martini’s to Mocktails and Passoa to Prosecco: there are limitless cocktails hanging from little trees in Leeds to enjoy.

We’re talking floating cocktails, arriving 6+ at a time and all for a bulk price: what’s not to love about a cocktail tree?

The relatively new phenomenon of cocktail trees has taken Leeds by storm. It feels like almost every bar now offers a tree-style hanging arrangement of sweet drinks: but only a few have that standout, insta-worthy design to them.

Whether you’re looking for quantity or quality, we’ve rounded up the best of Leeds’ cocktail trees so that when you’re next in the mood for six Passionfruit Martinis, all you need to do is choose the location nearest to you.

Aagrah Leeds City Buffet

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Image: Aagrah Leeds

Any all-you-can-eat venue knows the importance of serving a good quantity of food and drink. Kashmiri four-star restaurant, Aagrah, is hidden away in Quarry Hill, making it the ideal stop for a cocktail or two for those that don’t want to commit to travelling all the way into the city centre.

At Aagrah, the martinis are on tap and can be bought in tree-sizes to give you less time at the bar and more time eating. With passionfruit and espresso flavours available, you’ll find the cocktail tree just for you.


Whether you’re looking to grab yourself some drinks on Greek Street, Merrion Street or in Headingley, Manahatta have got the fine art of cocktail trees down to a tee. Keeping their options simple and refreshing, customers can order two different drinks for their hanging cocktail display.

Choose from the traditional Pornstar Martini Tree: made with 42Below vodka, Passoã, pineapple, vanilla, passionfruit, lemon and Prosecco or opt for a Manahatta Spritz tree where there’s six Tanquary gins with campari, lemon, sugar, grapefruit and soda cocktails to enjoy.


Martini tree
Image: Banyan Bar

Rather than having the messy splitting of bills at the end of the night, Banyan allow you to buy your rounds as cocktail trees. With six cocktails per tree, the stress of what to order is simple resolved so you can spend time catching up with the bubbles flowing.

Grab a Wild Strawberry Martini or six and sip on Hendrick’s Verano watermelon, rhubarb, wild strawberry, lime and sugar. Gin trees are also aplenty: there’s a choice of Bombay Sapphire, Bosford Rosé, Bombay Bramble and Hendrick’s gin available with six premium Fever-Tree mixers.

Fleur Cafe

The most instagrammable cafe in Leeds needs to have its own Martini Cocktail Trees, it’s an essential part of a night out captured on the ‘gram at this point. With a menu from Masterchef contestant Bobby Geetha, the cafe promise the ‘best cocktails in Leeds’, so why not put them to the test?

Choose from any martini cocktail, including the Saffron Karak Chai with masala tea and vanilla vodka, and the Rose Petal Martini with rose petal syrup, vermouth and grapefruit. These insta-worthy trees make great additions to the bottomless brunch, afternoon tea and intricately-designed desserts.

The Liquorist

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Image: The Liquorist Leeds

The Liquorist cocktail trees can hold up to nine boozy drinks at a time, making them ideal for larger groups that are ready to get their sweet cocktail fix. For the ultimate night out package, mix and match your favourite cocktails and get a cocktail tree, a make your own Bellini kit and a cheesecake platter.

The strawberry martini mix, complete with real strawberries, is a very popular option here and for good reason. The perfect balance of sweet, sour, flavour and alcohol is shaken and poured into each glass.

Slug and Lettuce

If there’s anyone that needs a special mention for cocktail trees in the city, it’s Slug and Lettuce. Their vast range of delicious boozy drinks are always a great deal and as the national chain have made such a song and dance about their cocktail trees, they have become a must for anyone wanting to try and alternative ‘pre-drinks’ event.

Whether you’re going for their Mean-Girls-inspired, So Fetch, neon pink drink or a classic martini, the cocktail tree staples can be ordered from either city centre location in Leeds on Park Row and Boar Lane. The popular cocktail trees can also be ordered at other Slug and Lettuce venues outside of Leeds too.

Feature Image- Slug and Lettuce

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