This new artisan gelato store is serving Leeds with charcoal ice cream and purple ube dough-latos

Think warm baklava desserts stuffed with fresh chocolate hazelnut gelato (like a Kinder Bueno gelato) and vegan brownies, available with dairy-free gelato.

Hidden in plain sight: KULT Gelato is the brand-new artisan gelato store that’s taking the Leeds dessert scene into unchartered territory.

Having been open a few short weeks, KULT Gelato is the new kid on the block- and quickly becoming a sensation for its homemade gelato and desserts.

Inspired and created by machinery straight from the motherland, KULT Gelato makes all of its Italian treats in-house, with a keen focus on producing and preserving fresh gelato.

Serving up authentic Italian flavours like pistachio and hazelnut with bueno, as well as unique additions like blueberry cheesecake, charcoal-infused vanilla and ube (that’s a purple sweet potato to you and I), there’s only eight flavours available at any given time.

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Served up opposite Kirkgate Markets on New Market Street, this hidden gem has plenty to offer for the palette. Think warm baklava desserts stuffed with fresh chocolate hazelnut gelato (like a Kinder Bueno gelato) and vegan brownies, available with dairy-free gelato.

The standout choice here is the dough-lato. A simple but innovative concept: a doughnut is filled with your choice of gelato- though Ube is the recommended choice- before being cooked and chopped in half to reveal a gooey combination that perfectly balances sweet and savoury.

donut stuffed with gelato.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

Topped with sauces aplenty and another scoop of gelato, this is the summertime treat you didn’t know you needed, but will struggle to forget about.

KULT Gelato hasn’t always been the owner’s dream job: harvesting a passion for Italian treats was far from their Law degree aspirations, but when the opportunity to take over a spot in the heart of the city centre: everything changed.

Working tirelessly to complete the renovation process and investing in authentic Italian gelato-makers has led to an exciting career change that’s serving the Leeds locals with a whole host of sweet treats to takeaway or eat in.

Down a small staircase, KULT Gelato hides a small dining area with eight tables to host small gatherings and groups, complete with neon lighting, retro postcards and a giant full length mirror to turn each visit into a potential social media moment for selfie-enthused guests.

seats and a table.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

If that’s not enough, there’s soft serve ice cream with dual flavouring: presently a dreamy pastel combo of Ube and Vanilla, on offer, as well as milkshakes, cookie dough, cherry pies.

Open every day of the week, this is the dessert stop for all weather occasions: but the impending heat wave will make the perfect backdrop to these incredible flavours.

ice cream next to KULT sign.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

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For more information on KULT Gelato, you can follow their Instagram page or pop into the New Market Street store for yourself to find out more about their Italian gelato between 12pm – 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, or until 8pm every other day of the week.

Feature Image- The Hoot Leeds

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