The beautiful bagel bar in Horsforth inspired by Berlin cafe-culture

Words by Abigail Johnson.

This is the perfect place for a hole-some bagel experience made with warm, welcoming love. 

Slow Rise bakery, in Horsforth, is the perfect treat to indulge in all your bagel desires, located just a mere 15 minutes from the city centre.

With a foodies-paradise of a menu you can choose a wide range of fillings such as creamy hummus and avocado dusted in chilli flakes and garnished in lemon and rocket. Or picture this: a classic smoked-salmon with cream cheese, tangy lemon, black pepper, crunchy capers and an extra zing of red onion. 

Images: The Hoot Leeds

But the customisation experience doesn’t end there! After you’ve picked the succulent fillings you can choose the bagel itself, with topping choices from onion, poppy, garlic, sesame and ‘everything’ seasoning. It’s sure to give you a personalised bagel like no other.

The charismatic independent bakery has the perfect ‘home away from home’ style for members of the community to sit down with a coffee, bagel and mouth-watering sweet treat.

There are many irresistible treats on display such as the vegan cinnamon roll kissed with lemon drizzle and icing or even try the delicious Swedish chocolate cake, Kladkakka. There are even savoury options on show like the cheese-crusted pretzel sprinkled in sunflower and nigella seed.

A plethora of choices to fit any taste-buds. 

The owners Nick and Nerys have been making bagels since 2014 when living in the vibrant city of Berlin. Since then, they have seamlessly transported it into their own bagel-hotspot that they created and nurtured in 2015. Their team has grown from two to 18 in the last few years, they hope to keep growing but to never quite lose their sense of community. 

The pair bring locals a slice of home with cosy decor and warm smiles from the charming staff. The friendly staff really make you feel as comfortable as possible, and cater to your every requirement and wish to make you a part of the ‘Slow Rise’ family, giving customers a full stomach and a full heart. 

The bakery doesn’t just bring the local feel with their bagels but also with there storing of independent items from a wide range of local companies: such as the unique, hand-crafted ceramics mug by Charlotte Manser Ceramics and plants plucked from local soils, for customers to buy and look at. 

Images: The Hoot Leeds

The corner style shop is located overlooking the popular street ‘the new road side’. Slow rise has become a go-to for members of the community, so why not go to see this bagel-tastic bakery for a taste of doughy-heaven?

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Slow Rise Bakery open from 9am-3pm Tuesday to Friday and from 9.30am on the weekend. 

For more information visit the Slow Rise website here.

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