Where to get the best bagels in Leeds – at any time of day

From breakfast to dinner, you can always find a hearty bagel in Leeds no matter the time of day – as long as you know where to look, that is

Looking for the best bagels in Leeds? Look no further. First originating in the Jewish communities of Poland, today bagels are a popular breakfast choice the world over.

Thought of as an iconic New York food, the big apple has done wonders for the reputation of this chewy, boiled breakfast snack – and it’s even come over to Leeds, where there are plenty of bakers turning their hand to the humble bagel.

Of course, not all are created equal – which is where we come in. Whether you like yours slathered in cream cheese, or simply brushed with butter, keep reading to discover some of our top picks for the best bagels in Leeds.

Image: Slow Rise Bagels

Slow Rise Bakery

In the bagel game since 2014, where they learnt their trade assisting Berlin’s formidable Fine Bagels, Slow Rise knows what they’re doing when it comes to boiling bagels. Whilst they already supply wholesale to quite a few different places in Leeds, you can also find their famous bagels at their own cafe in Horsforth.

Served freshly toasted and stuffed with your choice of hummus, turkey, salt beef, pastrami; or salmon, or simply slathered in the likes of butter, cream cheese, or avocado, there are over twenty different ways to enjoy a bagel here. These are some of the best bagels in Leeds, no doubt about it.

Image: Doghouse bar and bagel

Doghouse bar and bagel

Leeds only fully-dedicated disco and bagel bar, Doghouse is a solid choice for when you’re in need of a bagel fix. Alongside your typical nut butter, salmon, and cream cheese options, they have some pretty out-there options, too.

Think stacked breakfast bagels, Sunday dinner bagels with mashed potato, meat (or nut roast), gravy, and red cabbage; vegan gochujang chicken with salad and garlic mayo; pastrami and pickles, and more. The website’s not working right now to show the menu, but trust us – you need to try these bagels.

Streetlane Bakery

This community bakehouse seemingly does it all, bagels included. These can be bought individually or in packs of six and are made fresh daily to a classic Jewish recipe, with flavours including plain, onion and poppy seed. Filling choices are quite limited if you’re eating in, with options including Nutella and smoked salmon.

Fika North

Situated in the leafy suburb of Far Headingley, this speciality coffee shop also knows a thing or two about bagels. Served from 9 am – 3 pm daily, there are nine different options to choose from including nduja and avocado, rose harissa chickpeas with pink pickles and pea shoots, peanut butter and banana,

Image: House of Koko

House of Koko

You’ll find a host of breakfast bagels on the menu here at House of Koko, with choices spanning bacon, halloumi, vegan caprese, and smoked salmon. All served with iceberg lettuce, beef tomatoes, and mayo, prices start from £7.45.

Bagel Nash

One of the few large-scale producers of bagels in England, Bagel Nash’s production facilities are located close to Leeds, in between Manchester and Hull – meaning you’ll get them fresher here than anywhere else in the country. Housed at The LIght in The Headrow, the menu spans over 30 different options to suit any time of day.

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