The indie Yorkshire bakery selling giant chocolate scotch eggs this Easter

This chocolate treat brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘easter eggs’.

There’s not long now until Easter and the chocolate-covered eggs have been filling our shelves for months now.

If you’ve already done the rounds of Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs and tested out every Cadburys springtime treat, you might be on the look for a new sweet treat to satisfy your cravings as we enter the final weeks before the Easter weekend.

You might have seen Ooey Gooey Bakes inside the Corn Exchange over the festive period, or scrolled across the company’s irresistible bakes on Instagram – but this is probably our favourite find so far.

Image: Ooey Gooey Bakes

The chocolate scotch egg.

As the name suggests, its a giant scotch egg made entirely out of chocolate – and it seriously looks like the gooey treats dreams are made of.

Starting with a white chocolate creme egg in the centre, the scotch egg is encased in thick layers of chocolate brownie before getting its scotch egg-like texture by being rolled in biscuity crumbs and drizzled with a chocolate sauce to finish.

Image: Ooey Gooey Bakes

But that’s not all, the bakery is stocking a whole host of Easter specials, including Mini Egg chocolate chip cookies and brownies, as well as customisable stacks and cookie pies, perfect for celebrating big events like birthdays, anniversaries, or Easter with family and friends.

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Stocked inside The Little Deli Co., in Tingley, Wakefield, make sure to check out Ooey Gooey Bakes on Instagram to find out where you can grab these specials, or order yours for wholesale, retail or get them delivered across the UK via Instagram too.

Feature Image- Ooey Gooey Bakes

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