The new summer cocktail menu in Leeds inspired by plants

Some of these look too good to drink…almost.

Botanical themed bar, The Botanist, have released a new cocktail menu inspired by the lifecycle of plants.

With summer on the horizon, we are all on the lookout for that perfect tipple to enjoy as we relax into those dreamy long summer evenings. And luckily for us, The Botanist’s new cocktail menu is everything we’d hoped for and more.

Known for their innovative and imaginative creations, the venue has delved deeper into the art of botany for their most recent range. Think weird and wonderful ingredients mixed together to make curious cocktails and perfect pairings.

The new menu is split into three different sections to allow the customer to sample the full lifecycle of a plant.

First up we have the ‘Roots and Shoots’ cocktails; herby, aromatic and infused with the flavourings found in leaves and roots.

For this we sampled the Passionfruit and Basil, made with Amaretto, Drambuie, yuzu liqueur and muddled together with passionfruit syrup, orange juice and basil leaves. A refreshing tall drink with a herby hit of basil which balanced the sharp citrus flavours perfectly.

Passionfruit and Basil cocktail from The Botanist.
Image: The Botanist

Next are the ‘Flowers’, a range of light and refreshing cocktails which are perfect for a hot summer’s day. The Poppy and Berry punch was just as beautiful as it was delicious, served with an edible flower and radiating a romantic, crimson hue. Made with Beefeater pink gin, poppy liqueur and fresh raspberries, we could definitely see ourselves drinking a few of these to cool off in the sun.

Last but certainly not least are the ‘Fruits’, a list of concoctions that are zesty, vibrant and celebrating the freshest fruits of the season.

We went with the bartender’s recommended Hawaiian Rum Punch which is made with spiced and dark rum, passionfruit syrup, pineapple liqueur and pineapple juice. One sip of this and you’ll be transported to a tropical beach and you’ll definitely be back for more.

A selection of cocktails from The Botanist.
Image: The Botanist

All this and we only just scratched the surface. There’s a huge selection of exciting drinks to try including a massive non-alcoholic range which still boasts incredible flavours so that you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Kelly Harrison, Head of Bars at The Botanist commented “Our non-alcoholic offering has been designed and created to showcase all the flavours of the liquid without any alcohol.  Rather than creating great cocktails and subsequently trying to remove the alcohol and maintain the flavour profile, which can be a big challenge, we start with a strong recipe for an alcohol-free drink then find the perfect alcohol to enhance the existing flavours.”

Pineapple and Blood Orange Sour from The Botanist.
Image: The Botanist

With a fantastic outdoor area as well as a beautiful interior covered with potted plants and twinkling lights, The Botanist on Boar Lane is the place to be this summer for a delicious drink or two.

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To read their full drinks menu and to book a table, visit their website.

Feature image: The Botanist

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