This company will pay you pay you £300 to ‘eat and rate’ drive-thrus in Leeds

Not a bad gig at all, tbh.

A company is actually looking to hire someone to test out different drive-thrus across the UK.

And even though it may sound like it, we promise you it isn’t too good to be true.

There’s been some pretty decent side hustles knocking about recently, hasn’t there? But we have to say that, for foodie fans, this must be up there with one of the best gigs there is.

That’s because, whether you can believe it or not, Auto Trader is offering one lucky person the chance to get paid to eat and rate their favourite drive-thru takeouts. 

With global web searches said to be up +100% year-on-year for “get food smell out of car”, it seems motorists are juggling their love of drive-thru meals with a desire to keep their car’s interior pristine and smelling fresh – which is why the automotive platform is now looking for a researcher to find out which dishes make the least-amount of mess and smell in our cars.

The company’s leasing experts need someone to sample drive-thrus so they can create the ultimate ranking for the best and worst takeout foods to eat in your car. 

The successful ‘Drive-Thru Reviewer’ will be tasked with exploring and ranking five drive-thru meals within their local area.

Not only that, but their mission goes beyond tasting, as the lucky applicant will also need to evaluate everything from the quality of the packaging of the takeout, to how messy the food is, and how long the scent lingers in their car after that final delicious bite.

All your meals and fuel will be covered as you take on this exciting food journey / Credit: Jonathan Cooper (via Unsplash)

The best bit? They’ll even get paid £300 to cover the costs of meals and fuel, as they take on this exciting food journey. 

If you reckon you’re up to the task, then all you’ll need to do to apply to become Auto Trader’s ‘Drive-Thru Reviewer’ is hold a full UK driving license, be 18 years of age or over, and have access to a car that can be used to visit the drive-thrus.

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Drivers can apply by heading over to the online form on the AutoTrader website here, and enter your details before the deadline on Sunday 14 July 2024.

Featured Image – Wikipedia Commons

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