Top 10 most unusual Yorkshire Pudding dishes in and around West Yorkshire

Yorkshire Pudding burgers, wraps, challenges and more: turns out there’s unlimited way to enjoy our signature food.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner; available sweet and savoury; big and small- turns out there’s unlimited ways to make Yorkshire puddings stand out.

Here in Leeds, we’re very aware that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to anything relating to our county’s signature dish. The humble Yorkshire pudding is a menu staple, no matter your menu and restaurants across the city have been finding the most imaginative ways to present our favourite addition to a Sunday roast.

Here are some of the most unusual Yorkshire pudding dishes in and around Leeds- all of these are worth a trip out for.

Yorkshire pudding breakfasts

Wapentake, Leeds city centre.

Image: Wapentake Leeds

Popular menu staples include their ‘Yorkshire breakfast’ and breakfast hash, but there are also some super-northern additions – like crisp butties, Yorkshires with gravy, and stuffed Yorkshire puds. The dedicated Yorkshire pudding dishes are what’s really got us excited – like their breakfast Yorkshire puddings, which come filled with baked eggs, crispy bacon bits and Henderson’s relish.

Or, of course, if you really want the ultimate Yorkshire experience you could always spring for their roast on a Sunday. The presentation on these makes it all about Yorkshire again: perfectly fluffy, large puds stacked on top of your main and its accoutrements.

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Yorkshire pudding burgers

Wapentake, Leeds city centre.

Speaking of serving Yorkshires for every meal, we went over to Wapentake to see how they build up their famous Yorkshire pudding burgers for themselves.

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Giant Yorkshire puds with stew

Cafe Express, Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

For veggies, there’s an option to enjoy without meat – replacing the sausages with potatoes. Or, alternatively, you can opt for homemade beef stew with a dumpling (£5.50) or just go for gravy and Yorkshire puddings on their own. All classic combinations, we’re sure you’ll agree. As for other dishes available here, think big English fry ups, toasties with chips and a big mug of tea or coffee for under a fiver, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and more.

Find Cafe Express inside Kirkgate Market: a proper old school cafe, you’ll find it on the original M&S side – tucked in amongst tea shops, baklava stalls, plant stands, and more.

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Drive-thru Yorkshire puddings

Blacker Hall Farm, Wakefield.

Image: Blacker Hall Farm

Blacker Hall Farm is the first Yorkshire farm shop to offer a drive-thru system and we’re so excited about the idea. The Yorkshire pudding pots are essentially a giant Yorkshire pud filled with all your favourite meat and veggies. Think hearty beef stew, homemade on site; caramelised sausage buttery mash and gravy or pulled beed and pork with stuffing and sauce if you need any ideas to get you drooling over these incredible inventions.

All the Yorkshire puddings come in at under a fiver, priced at £4.95, making them one of the cheapest eat-out lunch options around- the fact it’s made from all our favourite meats and locally produced is just a bonus.

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Blue Cheese Yorkshire Pudding Burgers

The Potting Shed, Guiseley.

Image: The Potting Shed

Tangy blue cheese and a hand-pressed beef burger patty stuffed between two fluffy Yorkshire pudding? Yes please. The Yorkshire pudding burger, known as the ‘Yorkshire Black and Blue’ is comprised of a hand-pressed beef burger patty, dusted with Cajun spice and topped with tangy blue cheese. Wedged between two fat and fluffy Yorkshire puddings, it’s a sight for sore eyes (and hungry bellies).

Served with a portion of fries on the side, it’s only £7.95 with a soft drink when you done on the restaurant’s lunch deal, which runs from 12-4pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, though, you’re looking at paying slightly more with the Yorkshire pudding burger priced at just under £12.

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Three course Yorkshire pudding challenge

The Crooked Billet, Saxton.

Image: Beard Meets Food

If you’re looking for a Sunday roast with a difference, The Crooked Billet in Saxton have something special in store for diners. For starters, competitors can warm up their stomachs with a simple homemade yorkie with a meat and onion gravy before moving on to the main course: a huge yorkshire pudding are made from scratch and filled with mashed potatoes, gravy and your choice of filling. Still got room? There’s still a yorkshire pudding on the dessert menu to get through. This sweet variety is filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and sticky toffee sauce.

All three courses cost just £16.50 and if you complete the challenge then you’ll make it on to the Crooked Billet 100% Yorkshire Pudding Challenge wall of fame, along with the Beard Meats Food and Mrs Beard.

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Yorkshire pudding wrap

Three Leggers Inn, Saville Wharf.

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Yorkshire pudding wraps are a Yorkshire speciality, but their presence these days are few and far between. Essentially, you’re looking at a roast dinner between a layers of a giant, crisp Yorkshire pud laden with gravy and some extra carbs on the side.

If you need any more excuses to head over to Saville Wharf and take in the canal side view, this is it.

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Roast Dinner Burger

Smokehouse, Wakefield.

Image: Smokehouse

It’s an interesting concept that has got our mouths watering – and stomachs rumbling. Resembling a carvery between two puddings, this dish really does have everything for the indecisive eater. We’re talking two smokehouse patties, mozzarella cheese, beef brisket, and fried onion rings sandwiched between two Yorkshire puddings, served with gravy on the side. This show stopper of a dish is available all-day every day from Smokehouse in Wakefield and has been a firm menu favourite for a number of years.

The restaurant in Wakefield is well-known for its outside-the-box burgers, but a new Yorkshire pudding dish takes the menu to a new level.

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Giant loaf tin Yorkshire Puddings

The Black Bull Inn, Pickering.

Image: The Black Bull Inn

Cooked in their own homemade loaf tins, these beauties come filled with all sorts of tasty fillings before being served up with chunky chips, mash or jacket potatoes, veggies and lashings of beefy gravy. Enjoy yours with a choice of pork sausage, steak and ale, topside of beef or mince and onion – plus all the extra naughty bits. Or have it as part of their Sunday lunch carvery and go all out with extras like stuffing, cauliflower cheese, mash, and roasties.

As well as their huge stuffed Yorkshire puddings, there’s also some top-tier classic pub grub here. Think steak and ale pie, 12oz gammon steak, thick pork chops and Whitby scampi – plus seven different types of mash to choose from.

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Yorkshire Pudding Pies and beer.

The Yorkshire Pudding Company website.

Image: The Yorkshire Pudding Company

Forget pastry. Yorkshire pudding pies are now a thing – and they look absolutely amazing. Created by the family-run business The Yorkshire Pudding Company, the pies here use Yorkshire pudding as their casing. It all started as a bit of fun in 2017 when co-owner Ted decided to take the family’s roast chicken dinner leftovers one step further and turn them into a pie. According to the Yorkshire Pudding Pie Company, this is also the world’s first pie to be made in this special way.

The products are hand-crafted in Yorkshire and stuffed with locally sourced ingredients like wagyu beef with cheese or ham and leek.

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Feature Image- Wapentake Leeds

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