Little Leeds: the stylish new cafe for children and grown ups opening in Leeds

This isn’t your ordinary soft play.

The Leeds Deli has certainly been providing the city with more than just a kid-friendly hangout spot.

The popular deli hosts monthly Mum Club with different themes each week for little ones and grown ups to socialise with likeminded individuals with plenty of soft play and treats involved.

Not only this but they ensure that family-friendly activities are at the forefront of everything they do.

Over half term, The Leeds Deli is offering £5 pizzas for kids and even have a whole page on their website dedicated to local suppliers that offer movie nights and movable soft play activities.

But now the owners are taking one step further in supplying the city with child-friendly spaces and will be opening a brand new space called Little Leeds.

“This isn’t your ordinary soft play” we’ve been told… “It’s going to be a modern and chic cafe with a beautiful, design led and purpose built space for grown ups to enjoy whilst little ones play.”

Announcing the news, The Leeds Deli explained that there’s going to be plenty for all ages to be excited about…

“We’ve been keeping a HUGE secret from you guys and we just can’t do it anymore.. we are ready to burst! We’ve been working so hard behind the scenes to bring you something really special and we’re finally able to tell you that The Leeds Deli is expanding but perhaps… not as you’d expect!

“Roll back the clock a few years to February 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic we picked up the keys to a little commercial unit that we now know and love as The Leeds Deli. With five year old Harper and nine month old Freddie in tow we knew we had to create a little space for them to play whilst they were at The Deli. So with our own children in mind we gave up some table space to allow for a tiny little play area in the corner; little did we know that our play corner was about to be so well received by our local neighbourhood. 

“Fast forward two years and whilst the world has somewhat overcome the global pandemic we’re now facing the challenges of a cost of living crisis.. and boy do we love a challenge! As the saying goes ”great things never came from comfort zones” so we’re feeling the fear and doing it anyway.. and we’ve decided to pick up our second set of keys and you’ll be pleased to know it’s only a stones throw away.

“Without further a do we’re introducing our soon to be next door neighbour and new business baby… @littleleeds. The clue is in the name, our play corner is getting an upgrade. This isn’t your ordinary soft play, it’s going to be a modern and chic cafe with a beautiful, design led and purpose built space for grown ups to enjoy whilst little ones play.

“There’s a long way to go and lots to do but we’re hoping for an Autumn launch. It’s not going to be an easy ride but it’s definitely going to be an exciting one.. and we hope you join us for the journey and for those of you that have avoided us in recent months due to the sea of highchairs, we see you, we’ve got you.. and we’re now able to upgrade your offering too.

“With more space comes more events; there’s a tonne in the pipeline; more supper clubs, taster evenings, workshops and classes.

“As ever, we’re so grateful for you, our little deli family, thank you for being a part of our story! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!”

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You can keep up to date with Little Leeds on Instagram here.

Feature Image – Little Leeds / Pinterest

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