A new doner and falafel bar has opened in Leeds city centre

Sqew were previously hosted by BrewDog on North Lane but have found a permanent home on Duncan Street in Leeds city centre.
storefront of Sqew on Duncan Street

Halloumi, falafels, shish and, of course, the famous doner kebab are all available from Sqew.

BrewDog on North Street have hosted them, the city of Leeds loves them and now they’ve got a permanent home on Duncan Street.

Sqew is the latest contentor in the Leeds kebab game and are ready to fight for the crown.

Opened this Saturday 30 October, the takeaway shop will be serving pita, shawarma, salad and plenty of falafels.

The new venture comes from an original founder from Red’s True Barbecue. If you’ve ever tasted their irresistible burgers, you’ll have high expectations for this new opening and it seems they will be more than met.

One of their speciality dishes will be the fanciest doner kebab you’ll see in the city centre. The ‘upmarket doner’ will be accompanied by plenty of kebab shop staples like shish and shawarma along with vegetarian options.

Think halloumi fries drizzled in homemade sauce, tasty salad bowls piled high with falafel and hummus, as well as loads of new dishes that are designed to be a feast for the eyes and palate.

Sqew have hinted at a few of their dishes on their Facebook page but haven’t released all of their options just yet.

The Chicken Shawarma Khobez Wrap will be available from Sqew from Saturday 30 October. / Image: Sqew

One of their teaser dishes revealed is the Chicken Shawarma Khobez Wrap: a toasted pitta with grilled chicken, pickles, toum and topped with some hot chili sauce. The portions look plenty and are sure to be a delight.

Whether it’s on your way home from a boozy trip around town or as a stop on your lunch break, Sqew will certainly be worth a stop at.

Three large gyros have already been installed on Duncan Street in advance of the opening, but the rest of the menu and decor will be revealed on their debut this Saturday.

The company are still recruiting for staff. Those interested should visit the Sqew website for more information.

Feature Image- Sqew

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