Inside Leeds’ non-alcoholic bar changing the way we think about socialising with drinks

Words by Abigail Johnson.
Attempting Dry January but you’re tired of the lousy options of the alcohol free world? Look no further than Otley’s exclusive watering hole. 

Introducing The Functional Drinks Club, a beverage distributor that made its mark mid-2023 as the new kid on the block. They have a largest range in North Yorkshire of luscious non-alcoholic products that are set to leave your mouth-watering such as: kombucha, non-alcoholic beers, ales, lagers, ciders, botanical spirits and more.

The shop’s mission is to offer delicious alcoholic beverages that not only tantalise the taste buds but also have nutritional value. The Functional Drinks Club has open arms for all who wish to come in the doors, they welcome people who in its essence just wish to have a better lifestyle.

The ‘bar’ explains that it shares the struggle of finding supermarkets options, so they provide more choice for those wishing for an alcohol free experience. 

Founder Kevin Gillespie, aims to create a safe space that people can come to and speak to an expert in the non-alcoholic business to make their crossover seamless to the non-alcoholic world. 

“Too many people go through life on autopilot, and before you know it you’re 70 years old wondering why you didn’t do the things you wanted to do. I was in danger of being that person, and if you’re looking at yourself thinking the same, then do something about it.”

The Functional Drinks Club provide Kombucha tasting classes to provide people with different ways to improve gut health and fully embody the ‘New Year, New Me’. During this class you taste eight different Kombuchas and you can take home two to get you started on your Kombucha journey.

The owners have also partnered up with Shadow Brewing to put together a Dry January event on the 27 January 6pm-10pm. It is a taste-testing extravaganza for their new range of non-alcoholic beers. You can even bring your own bottle and take it to go! 

There is a wide range of drinks to buy on the night from the Mash Gang, Clean Break Brewing and Harrogate Brewing. The fan favourite is set to be Blue Blood, a tasty blend of pale ale and Earl Grey tea: a harmonious infusion for both tea and spirit lovers. 

It’s a must-try event for the news year that is welcome to all ages and people, even those who wish to purchase alcoholic drinks on the night as well. 

“We’re not “either or” type of people, we’re more John Lennon, and imagine all the people living in harmony.”

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So come down to The Functional Drinks Club located on Manor Square in Otley on Fridays from 10am – 5pm, Saturdays from 9.30am – 5pm and the last Sunday of the month between 10am-1pm. 

For more information visit here.

Feature Image – The Functional Drinks Club via Facebook

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