Leeds city centre revealed as shoplifting capital of the UK

With 2,157 crimes recorded over the past year.

The centre of Leeds has seen the highest number of crime rates in the UK for shoplifting.

Recent crime data has named Leeds city centre as the shoplifting capital of the UK.

It shows that Leeds has seen more crime than anywhere else in England and Wales over the past year, with a whopping 2,157 crimes recorded.

This is the equivalent of six offences per day and a huge 83% increase on the previous year.

Leeds is followed by Fitzrovia West and Soho in London (1,510 crimes) and North Laine & the Lanes in Brighton and Hove (1,470).

When comparing the number of shops in each neighbourhood however, Leeds comes in at less than a quarter of the rate in Durrington South for example.

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The number of shops in this neighbourhood works out as the equivalent of around 195 shoplifting offences for every 10 shops (or 19.5 crimes per shop), shortly followed by Cross Gates West & Killingbeck on the outskirts of Leeds (109 crimes per 10 shops), and then Clifton North in Nottingham (90 crimes per 10 shops).

Andrew Goodacre, CEO of British Independent Retailers Association said: “There has been an increase in the levels of shop theft over the past 12 months. Some of this is driven by the cost of living crisis and we have seen large stores take to tagging items such as meat and cheeses.

“There is also evidence that the majority of shop theft is committed by repeat offenders, together with a rise in organised raids on shops. Independent retail businesses have seen an increase in the number of theft incidents which is frustrating as theft is a 100% loss to the retailer.

“There are further concerns that a high number of incidents are not reported to the police due to historical low response rates. We need to see the relevant authorities use all their powers to deal with the situation, with a focus on anti-social behaviours and the use of the Community Trigger and Community Remedy powers.”

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