Revolución de Cuba is swapping free cocktails for warm clothing this January

What a lovely initiative to kick off the new year.

Revolución de Cuba is offering up free cocktails this month and they’re only asking for one thing from the people of Leeds in exchange for it: warm clothing and accessories.

The much-loved chain of Latin bars, restaurants and live entertainment venues is using its January deal not only for savings but for good this year, as they’re making sure as many people benefit from it as possible.

Serving up complimentary cocktails from their Call Lane location in central Leeds, all locals have to do to get their hands on a free drink is come into the venue with warm garments to support West Yorkshire‘s homeless community and others in need.

Sadly, as the low temperatures continue throughout the colder months, the number of people at risk as a result of sleeping rough is a more pressing issue than any other time of year, so the bar group have taken it upon themselves to do their bit where they can.

The catch is as simple as it sounds: to take part in their ‘From Cuba with GLove‘ initiative this January, Revs is asking people to bring in spare hats, gloves, scarves and other warm layers/accessories — at which point they will receive a free cocktail.

Known for their specialising in rum, those participating will receive one of their brand-new ‘Banana Manaña’ cocktails, made with Banana Peel Rum from Discarded Spirits.

Teaming up with local charity partners, chosen by the staff and customers themselves, all items received go directly to those in need of support this winter. You can nominate your own organisation to donate to HERE.

All warm clothes and accessories must be cleaned before being handed over and can be only donated to Revolución de Cuba’s Call Lane venue, with the offer ending on Wednesday, 31 January.

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The group’s Brand Operations Director, Alex McMillan, said: “As temperatures are forecast to drop and snow to fall, we hope that ‘From Cuba with GLove’ will make a positive impact on the lives of those who live in the communities around our Peter Street venue and across the city, whilst shining a spotlight on Cuban kindness.

“The Cuban people are known for their affection, gentleness and humanity and they’re sentiments that we share here at Revolución de Cuba Manchester. The New Year is an excellent time to declutter and clear out, setting us up for 2024 whilst making a real difference to those who need our support – especially as an icy blast prepares to hit the UK. 

“In return, you’ll brighten up what is no doubt a chilly January day with a deliciously fruity sunshine cocktail in a glass, as our way of saying thanks for your support.” Sounds like a fair deal to us — and for such an important cause.

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Featured Images — Supplied/Revolución de Cuba (via Instagram)

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