Sounds of the City kicks off with incredible performance from McFly

Kicking off the 2023 Sounds of the City, McFly took to the stage in Millennium square and wowed the people of Leeds with a nostalgic and energetic performance.
Split picture of Tom Fletcher a blonde boy from band McFly and a stage

Kicking off the 2023 Sounds of the City, McFly took to the stage in Millennium square and wowed the people of Leeds with a nostalgic and energetic performance.

Doors opened to the first summer performance at 6pm sharp and people started pouring into the square to get those front spots. A sea of cowboy hats and band t-shirts, the energy from the get-go was just electric.

The huge outdoor venue saw a few minutes of rain but not enough to dampen the spirits of the evening to come.

Millennium square in Leeds with a full crowd of people.
Credit: Millenium Square

Ahead of the gig, a message flashed on the screen which read: “Raise your glowsticks and phone torches during Star Girl in memory of Kel.” Kel, a very well-known fan of the band passed away earlier this year and with her mum among the crowd this tribute was very heartfelt.

The first of the two support acts took to the stage as the eager crowd still poured into the venue. Skinny Living, a three-piece English indie soul band from Wakefield, were the perfect energy to start the evening. The velvety tones of lead singer Danny rang around the square harmonising beautifully with his fellow band mates.

Skinny living band - The three band mates sat on a curb black and whitee picture

Next up was the pop band New Hope Club which I think it would be fair to describe them as a ‘mini McFly’. By that, I mean you can really see this band having the same success as the headliners, their music and stage presence matching the early days of McFly.

Lead singer of New Hope Club singing into a microphone with an electric guitar.
Credit: Instagram – communionofthecursed_

There was then a short break so we grabbed some food from one of The Hoot’s favourites, Spud and Bros, and a drink from the bar. I have to say the prices were reasonable, less than £6 for a pint, which in this day and age, I can’t knock.

Punctual as ever, McFly burst on the stage at 9pm sharp with the same energy they’ve kept up for the last two decades. I have to say it’s very impressive, as someone who has watched these four lads since 2004 you always know what your getting and that’s a sparkling performance.

Credit: Millenium Square

All eyes were on band member Dougie as he jumped onto the stage in baggy white dungarees and no top on underneath them. It’s fair to say you could hear the longing screams across Leeds, and that was just from me. 

Dougie from band McFly in white dungarees looking perfect with floppy hair strumming a guitar with the aura of a Greek god.
Credit: Millenium Square

They opened the show with a song from their brand new album ‘Where did all the guitars go?’ and even those in the crowd there for the classics loved it. From that point onwards it was all dancing, singing and synchronised hand clapping.

Making their way through the 14-song set list, the band had smiles on every face in the crowd as they jumped across the huge stage. While they included a few of their newer songs they kept us OG’s happy with all the best classics. ‘Obviously’ had everyone with their hands in the air and singing along to the 20 year old tune (that makes me feel old).

They ended the set with my personal favourite song ‘Star Girl’ and of course the crowd absolutely loved it, leg kicking all over the place. The song was dedicated to super fan Kel who sadly passed away earlier this year, lead singer Tom Fletcher said a few kind words and the crowd held there glow-sticks high in the sky for Kel.

With a big thank you to everyone for coming, the four lads waved there goodbyes as a very grateful crowd clapped and cheered.

Main Stage for McFly with blue lights and a busy crowd
Credit: Instagram – bryonykeyse_

I know what you’re thinking, no mention of everyone’s favourite wedding song, there must be an encore. The band reappeared and the opening melody of ‘All About You’ sent gasps around the square.

To everyone’s surprise and pure delight, the cheering continues as those famous lyrics echoed around the venue, ‘She’s got a lip ring and five colours in her hair’. There wasn’t one person in that square not singing along to the iconic song that opened many a primary school discos.

And with that, the opening night of Sounds of the City came to an end. Although despite my best efforts my evening didn’t end with Dougie and I sharing a takeaway pizza and reminiscing about the good old days, it was a really wonderful evening.

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Bastille, The Wombats, Shed Seven, Morrissey, Blossoms and Kasabian will all be taking to the stage over the next fortnight at Millennium Square. While a couple of shows are sold out, you can still get your hands on tickets for others.

Feature Image – Millennium Square

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