Thackray Museum of Medicine unveil brand new sports exhibition ‘On The Bench’

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of sports, injuries, and triumph.

Showcasing personal stories from local athletes, including Leeds Rhinos player Stevie Ward, the immersive event explores the fascinating history of sports injury.

Thackray Museum of Medicine has announced the launch of its summer season’s schedule, featuring an exciting lineup of exhibitions and events related to sports for all the family.

Entitled “On the Bench,” the exhibition presents the opportunity to learn the science behind sports from different perspectives. From professional athletes and sports medical professionals to sports enthusiasts.

Launching 22 July 2023, anyone is invited to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of sports, injuries, and triumph.

The exterior of the Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds.
Image: Thackray Museum of Medicine

The main exhibition will focus on showcasing the incredible individual stories of injury from former Leeds Rhinos captain Stevie Ward, and the brilliant untold story of Norman Francis (Coach for Let’s Do More Basketball), while the Leeds Roller Dolls Rollerderby will focus on team sport injuries. 

Objects donated by the athletes alongside medical and physiotherapy equipment routinely used to treat sports injuries will be on display, telling the stories of their careers, injuries, treatment, and road to recovery.

The exhibit also includes photographs by the phenomenal Ian Beesley, showcasing his documentation of the Bradford Bulls during their peak of fame in the memorable 2001 season. 

Ex-basketball player Norman Francis.
Image: Thackray Museum of Medicine

Commenting on the exhibition, Stevie Ward expressed his excitement: “It appears the injuries I had in my career are resulting in something I could never have imagined! I am so proud to be part of creating “On the Bench” alongside the Thackray Museum of Medicine.

“With Thackray at the heart of such a huge sporting city like Leeds, I think it’s going to be the first remarkable insight and look behind the curtain into how athletes recover both mentally and physically in the pursuit of glory.”

To celebrate the opening of On The Bench, families are invited to take part in activities exploring how athletes prevent injuries and how they are treated if they do across the school holidays.

From trying your hand at physical warm-up routines used by your favourite sports stars to testing your skills at sling and cast making.

To find out more about these activities and tickets to the exhibition, take a look at the Thackray Museum of Medicine’s website.

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