The Leeds indie clothes shop making bum bags from tents left at Leeds Festival

Absolutely genius.

It’s great to know that the tents and waste left at Leeds Festival this year is going to good use.

Every year volunteers are allowed to head over to the campsite and clean up what’s been left on site for one day following the festival’s completion.

Non-profits like Hull Help For Refugees are just some of the hands onsite making sure to collect as much as possible for future use.

Leeds Festival asks campers to take their tents home, and go to great lengths to ensure that litter left is at a minimum, but sadly there are still plenty of tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipment around.

The good news is that for those that get onsite, it’s a chance to make find materials that can be used to make new tents… or clothing.

And Headingley’s own Tråd Collective has got to have made some of the coolest creations from the festival waste we’ve seen.

The Leeds Festival bum bag is made by tracing the cutout from an existing bag, and using the template to cut from the tent material (after it’s been washed and cut down to size).

This green bag even comes with the original tent zips and a cool hidden compartment made from the netting.

Tråd explains in the video that: “every year the Sustainability team at Leeds Fest invited volunteers to help clear abandoned tents, sleeping bags, chairs etc. tbh it’s a harrowing day when you see just how much litter AND perfectly serviceable camping gear is left behind. But we try to make the best of it and save as much as we can.

“Most of the tents end up with homeless or refuge charities, but a lot of the tents get slashed by festival goers on the last night. Don’t ask me why, I don’t get it.

“This is the first bag we’ve made from what we collected.”

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Trad Collective is giving away the first Leeds Fest bag via its Instagram page here, and promises that more bags made from up-cycled Leeds Festival waste will drop online and in-store soon.

Feature Image – Tråd Collective

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