Yorkshire accents voted ‘friendliest in the UK’ in new survey

Here in Yorkshire, we’re a little bias, but we do think we all sounds like rather friendly folk.

Whether it’s our innate ability to knock syllables off words or talk in dialect that no one else understands, we know our accent is unique- and it’s one of the best around.

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A new survey has confirmed our thoughts and voted the Yorkshire accent the ‘friendliest in the UK’.

Stealing 23% of the vote, we managed to take the top spot from accents like the Welsh (19%), West Country (14%), the Queen’s English (13%) and Northern Irish (11%) which all made the top 10 as well.

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The top ten ‘Friendliest accent in the UK’ were as followed:

1.     Yorkshire

2.     Geordie

3.     Scottish 

4.     Welsh

5.     Irish

6.     West Country 

7.     Scouse

8.     Queen’s English

9.     Lancashire

10.  Northern Irish 

Yorkshire also ranked highly in the ‘flirtiest accent’ category too. Placed at a respectable 10th place, we were beaten by the Irish, Geordie, Essex and Scottish who placed 1st – 4th respectively.

Overall, the UK’s favourite accent is Scottish, but Yorkshire did manage to claim a top five spot, coming in as the UK’s fourth favourite accent, ahead of Scouse, Cockney, Irish and West Country dialects.

Despite our unique colloquials, Yorkshire wasn’t placed in the ‘accent most difficult to understand’ category, with Scottish, Scouse, Geordie, Brummie and Northern Irish claiming the top five spots.

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Over 2000 adults voted as part of a Betfair Casino study, and we’re not going to argue with their results, the Yorkshire accent truly is a friendly one.

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