Classic FM to play calming music for scared pets this Bonfire Night

It’s time to put our four-legged friends first.

Classic FM has announced that it will be playing calming music for anxious pets during this year’s fireworks season.

Classic FM has confirmed that its show filled with calming music to help keep anxious pets and their owners relaxed is back this fireworks season, reports The Manc.

Bonfire Night is loved all across the UK for the spectacular firework displays and all the festive-themed activities that go along with it, but the November holiday isn’t so fun for our four-legged friends.

Fireworks can be frightening to pets because of the loud bangs, flashing lights, and unpleasant strong smell of spent explosives, and with multiple bangs occurring from numerous displays, pets are rarely able to pinpoint where the booming explosions are coming from.

Not knowing what an explosion is, where it’s coming from, or where and when the next one is going to be, can be terrifying for some pets.

Recently, a survey by the RSPCA revealed that two-thirds (63%) of animal owners reported their pet was distressed during fireworks season, and that playing relaxing music was the most common way (36%) to help calm or prepare their animal.

Many kennels and rehoming centres across the UK also use the power of classical music to decrease stress levels amongst their animals.

Classic FM’s show filled with calming music to help keep anxious pets relaxed is back this fireworks season / Credit: Elisha Terada (via Unsplash)

So this year, Classic FM is once again teaming up with the RSPCA to create two Pet Classics programmes packed with “the most soothing and comforting classical music” that’s been handpicked to help calm and settle any anxious pets.

Hosted by Classic FM presenter Charlotte Hawkins, alongside the music there’ll also be dedications to listeners’ pets, as well as advice from the RSPCA for any owners looking to reassure their animals.

“It’s such a special and heart-warming programme, with the most wonderful community of listeners,” Charlotte commented.

“We know the positive effects that classical music has on humans and pets alike, especially during stressful and challenging times, so I have the perfect selection of calming music lined up to settle and soothe even the most anxious listener.

“Everyone is welcome to my radio sanctuary – from the furry to the feathered – and I look forward to all the photos and videos of pets chilling out with me and enjoying the music.”

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    In addition to the two Pet Classics broadcasts, Classic FM has also created a playlist of peaceful classical music especially for pets during the fireworks season – which is available anytime, for free, on Global Player here.

    Classic FM’s Pet Classics with Charlotte Hawkins will be broadcast on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November from 5pm to 9pm.

    You can listen on both Classic FM, or on Global Player available across the UK.

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