Yorkshire man shares ‘genius’ work from home set-up for today’s heatwave

A Yorkshire man has earned himself endless respect this week for the way he’s adapted his work-from-home set up in the midst of the heatwave.

The TikToker shared how he’s rearranged his home office to keep cool, with temperatures set to hit 39 degrees in Leeds today.

Rather than trying to keep his house cool in the blazing heat, Jay instead decided to give up on houses all together and move outdoors.

But not just outdoors – underwater.

@thatswhatjaysaid Preparing for the #heatwave! #weather #summer2022 #hottestdayeverintheuk #fyp #foryoupage #bald #bearded #bibear ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

In a video already viewed more than half-a-million times, Jay popped his desk and a chair inside his paddling pool, laptop carefully balanced on top, so that he can work his shift with his lower half submerged in cool water.

Today, on the second day of the heatwave, he’s even added a parasol, a coffee machine and a desk fan.

People absolutely loved his efforts, describing them as ‘genius’ – as long as you’re not clumsy enough to drop your laptop in the pool, that is.

One person said: “Work smarter not harder.”

Another joked: “Don’t need to get up for a wee either.”

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Someone else said it was ‘100 percent best office today’.

Other (more official) tips for keeping cool in this heat have included drinking plenty of water, keeping windows and curtains closed, and keeping out of the sun.

You can also try filling a hot water bottle with cool water and freezing it, putting your socks in the freezer, and strapping a bottle of iced water (or an ice pack) in front of a fan.

Featured image: TikTok, @thatswhatjaysaid

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