BBC is currently casting for next series of The Traitors and wants people from Yorkshire to apply

Reckon you’ve got what it takes?

Casting for the next series of the The Traitors is now open and underway, and us Yorkshire folk are being asked to apply.

There’s absolutely no denying The Traitors is a cultural phenomenon at this point, is there?

While the first series of the smash-hit BBC reality competition show proved pretty popular when it premiered back in 2022, the second series – which started airing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at the start of the new year, and finished up last Friday (26 January) – took things to a whole new level, and truly seemed to capture the attentions of the nation like no other.

Viewers tuned in in their millions to the three episodes each week, and consistently took to social media to share their thoughts and weigh-in on every little twist and turn.

So it really doesn’t take much to work out that those millions of enthusiastic fans will be extremely keen for the next series then, does it?

BBC is currently casting for next series of The Traitors and wants Mancs to apply / Credit: BBC

Well luckily, the BBC has confirmed that series three of The Traitors is, in fact, happening and in the works as we speak – with the show’s producers, Studio Lambert, opening applications and actively-casting for the right participants.

A casting call on the BBC and Studio Lambert website reads: “The Traitors is back, and we’re looking for fun, smart, and strategic players to take part in the ultimate game.

“The Traitors is a competition series built on strategy and suspicion. The aim for the ‘Traitors’ is to stay undetected until the end, and the aim for the ‘Faithfuls’ is to banish all of the Traitors before the game ends. Throughout the series, there will be twists, turns, shocks and surprises for the players.

“It’s game of trust and treachery… but do you have what it takes to play?”

Reckon you’ve got what it takes then? Fancy sticking an application in for series three of the show? Why wouldn’t you.

To apply for series three of The Traitors, you just need to be over 18 years of age, a legal resident of the UK, and be available to take part in filming for the programme for up to four weeks – which is currently anticipated to be this spring or summer.

You have until Sunday 11 February to get your applications in, so you’ll need to be quick.

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Find out more and apply here.

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