New BBC Drama ‘Better’ to be filmed in entirely in Leeds

Starring Leila Farzad.

The highly-anticipated new BBC Drama has been filming right under our noses.

The BBC has long been known for its gripping thrillers, but new drama series Better could unnerve even the most rational of Loiners.

Set and filmed entirely in Leeds, the new series starring I Hate Suzie’s Leila Farzad will see the actress taking on redemption in a whole new light.

Redefining what it meants to be right or wrong, Farzad will play lead Detective Lou alongside Broadchurch’s Andrew Buchan, Wolf’e Zak Ford-Williams, Cold Feet’s Ceallach Spellman and Peaky Blinder’s Samuel Edward-Cook.

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Written by the talent behind Spooks and Humans, Jonathon Brackley and Sam Vincent make up the team of producers on this exciting new series.

The BBC has released a synopsis which suggests that viewers are going to be for quite the emotional, on-the-edge-of-your-seat journey.

“19 years ago, when Lou was a young police officer at her lowest ebb and Col a low-ranking but ambitious newcomer to the Leeds underworld, their paths crossed, and they struck a deal that changed their lives forever. The bargain allowed Col to become very rich and very powerful, and Lou to turn around her failing career.

“A complex but special bond between the pair was forged, and so began Lou’s gradual slide into corruption. It started slowly, almost imperceptibly – small favours for Col here and there in return for tip offs, a little money to help her through some tough times – but over time her criminality seeped into every aspect of Lou’s life and morphed into something far more sinister and dangerous as the stakes grew.”

The multi-layered complexion of Detective Lou Slack is a personality that BAFTA-nominated cress Leila Farzad is excited to take on: “Better is a brilliant fresh take on the morality tale. I am excited to have the opportunity to play Lou Slack, the vehicle through which we explore the multivalent layers of good and bad. A complex, flawed yet utterly human character. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful show with an incredibly talented team attached to it.”

On Monday 16 May, The Yorkshire Post reported that the TV drama was causing gridlock whilst filming on the Bingley Sir Fred Hoyle Way bypass the previous weekend. Besides this, few additional filming locations have been released to the public but it is expected that viewers will recognise the Yorkshire hotspots once the BBC drama makes it on to the TV screens.

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More information is expected to follow as filming continues.

Feature Image- Benjamin Elliott / BBC / Pip Bourdillon

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