The best places to get a vegan roast dinner in Leeds

Vegan Sunday roast dinners can be hard to find in Leeds, so we’ve put together a collection of our favourite plant-based roasts to take out the research for you.

Because your vegan mates deserve just as many foodie option as meat-eaters on a Sunday.

It’s no secret that in Leeds we love a good roast dinner. So much so, we at The Hoot are dedicated to shouting out our favourite options for Yorkshire puds and roasties every single week- and since starting we still haven’t exhausted our list.

Surprisingly, there’s not as many vegan-friendly options as you’d think. Nut Roast isn’t always plant-based, so it can be a struggle to find a vegan option on a Sunday when you’re out for a roast dinner.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite spots- so you never have to have that dreaded feeling of ‘am I going to be able to eat this’ moment again.


Kirkgate, Leeds city centre | Open from 9am

Image: Wapentake

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Locally known for championing all things Yorkshire and vegan-friendly, Wapentake is a safe choice for anyone looking for plant-based food. Their vegan roast has been well received, given you can still get gravy, mash, yorkshire puds and all your fave veggies included. They can cook to suit different dietary requirements too, including gluten free and vegetarian- a sure sign everything is fresh and delicious.

Find out more about Wapentake here.

Crowd of Favours

This is the place to come for a roast dinner that actually feels like a vegan roast. This isn’t just a place where you’ll get a few sorry-looking veggies and potatoes, Crowd of Favours champion their vegan crowd with a Baked Celeriac steak offering and all the usual tasty trimmings.

Find out more here.

Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Bridge Rd, Kirkstall | Open from 12pm

Image: Kirkstall Bridge Inn

The Kirkstall Bridge Inn isn’t advertised enough when it comes to their vegan friendly dishes, but we’ve become well accustomed with the pub’s menu throughout Veganuary and found plenty of options available. A review of the vegan roast on TripAdvisor puts it better than we could: “What a wonderful change to have a decent Vegan option on a Sunday that isn’t a nut roast or just vegetables, fantastic food in a lovely setting would highly recommend.  Food is fresh and home cooked”- vegan Yorkshire puds included.

Find out more about the Kirkstall Bridge Inn here.

The Brunswick

Image: The Brunswick

Easily known as one of the best roast spots in town, The Brunswick makes Sunday the best day of the week with a vegan roast served with roast potatoes, maple syrup glazed carrots, cabbage, gravy and even a mini Bloody Mary- what more do you need?

Find out more here.

Heaney & Mill

Otley Road, Headingley | Open from 9am

Image: Heaney & Mill

Heaney & Mill describe a place at their table on a Sunday as “Sunday service at the alter of the holy roast”, so clearly these guys take their dinners seriously. They offer a fully veggie roast dinner with a Leek and Cheese Wellington- but there’s vegan options that slightly vary from the veggie menu upon request. This is a great option if you’re looking for somewhere that will please the meat-eaters, veggies, gluten-free-eateres and vegans in your life.

Find out more about Heaney & Mill here.

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