“A taste of blatant plagiarism”: Leeds brewery releases hilarious limited-edition ‘Guinnuous’ 

“Come join us for one day only for your very own taste of blatant plagiarism!”

“Feedback forms available at the bar upon request”.

It’s St Patrick’s Day – and for many of us, that means just one thing.


And plenty of it.

Now, there’s plenty of places you can head in the city for a pint of the age-old stout to celebrate St Paddy’s – but there’s also a brand new (unofficial) version available just outside the city centre.

The hilarious Guinness lookalike comes from Kirkstall Brewery, and will only be available for the day.

Kirkstall Brewery presents… ‘Guinnuous’. / Image: The Cardigan Arms

Guinnuous, is a 4.8% ‘St Patrick’s Day stout’ that’s got everything from the signature black and white branding to the naming – and it’s bound to turn a few heads on St Patrick’s Day.

Served inside The Cardigan Arms, an old school ‘proper pub’ with gorgeous original features (and a cracking Sunday roast), the pub hinted that whilst they’re offering the Guinness doppelgänger as a one-day-only drink, there’s a chance you’ll be able to catch it over the weekend if you’re lucky.

In a hilarious Instagram post, the pub announced they would be serving ‘Guinnuous’ for St Patrick’s Day.

“We at the Cardi aren’t entirely sure how many people this idea went through to get approved… But we know it can’t be many!

“Swipe to see why our Daniel, from the Emerald Isle himself, is understandably outraged and appalled!

“Come join us for one day only for your very own taste of blatant plagiarism!

“Feedback forms available at the bar upon request.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

The pub also commented “Please share far and wide to expose this atrocity! #notmyguinness“.

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We’re looking forward to finding out if it tastes as good as the real thing, Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Feature Image – The Cardigan Arms

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