‘The best sandwich place in Leeds’ Rate My Takeaway star visits Things In Bread

“I can’t stress to you enough how deliciously wonderful this bread is”

“Now THAT is a proper sandwich”

Danny Malin released another Leeds food review today, and its one that’s been highly recommended for quite some time.

Things In Bread on Boar Lane has managed to keep foodies well fed since opening in January, and it hasn’t been uncommon to see queues down the street once office lunch hour kicks in.

Image: Rate My Takeaway via YouTube

Featuring on Rate My Takeaway, the menu was “like a dream come true” Malin announced as he ordered the Full Brekkie, Fish Finger and Ham Ploughman’s sandwiches.

The takeaway star also confirmed he would be releasing his third charity single for Leeds Hospital Charity, giving a hint at some of the lyrics “Santa’s from up North, bet he likes a Yorkshire…”

Starting with the Full Brekkie, Malin described the breakfast sandwich as “a homemade patty, nice crispy bacon, cheese, omllette, brown sauce – this could be what dreams are made of… oh my god”, “the bacon, it’s just how I like it, crispy bacon … oh yes!”

full brekkie sandwich.
Images: The Hoot Leeds
two sandwiches.

“this bread is absolutely gorgeous, thick doorstep wedge toasted ,buttered, full of flavour, and the bread has got a nice crunch to the edge and a sweetness.”

“I can’t stress to you enough how deliciously wonderful this bread is”

The Fish Finger received a similar positive response, “quality fish finger, beautiful taste to them they’ve got a bit of crisp, a bit of softness, seasoned with salt and pepper on the lettuce”.

Danny was particularly impressed with the price of the meal deal “for city centre prices”.

Images: The Hoot Leeds

Onto the cold sandwich option, the ploughman’s: “oh my days look at this pickle, cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce, buttered up oh my days this is like a proper wedge … absolutely quality, I can’t talk that is just a proper, proper sandwich. I was a bit worried with these being warm, but it’s still nice and crispy on the edge.”

The Rate My Takeaway YouTuber declared Things In Bread the “best sandwich place in Leeds, without a shadow of a doubt” giving the store a 10/10 score, noting he’d only come across sandwiches like this before in Paris.

Doesn’t get better than that does it.

After the rave review for Things In Bread, Malin and the cameraman headed around the corner to Doh’hut, the original store serving sweet treats in Leeds before branching out to open TIB at the start of the year.

Opting for a Lemon Meringue and Sticky Toffee donuts with “what looks like a sticky toffee gravy that you dip in”, the treats were described as “nice and soft, fresh, you can see them cooking inside” – and with the recommendation that passers by should make their own meal deal: get a sarnie, drink and crisps from Things In Bread and then wander around the corner to grab a donut for a £12 lunch that keeps you going.

We couldn’t agree more Danny!

Images: The Hoot Leeds

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Feature Image – The Hoot Leeds / Rate My Takeaway via YouTube

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