This Yorkshire bakery serve neon pink hot dogs with edible flowers

These hot dogs are also something that Leeds can’t offer you: they’re neon and come with edible flowers.

Nobody will ever complain about you posting your dinner online when it looks like this.

Hot dogs are currently undergoing a bit of a transformation. Long gone are the days of dry, meat from, undetermined animals that taste of rubber and disappointment. These days, you’ll find all the flavour in vegan and veggie dogs, with the likes of Fat Annie’s at Kirkgate Market and Knaves paving the way to a new hot dog season.

Leading the new era of hot dogs over in Sheffield is Pom’s Kitchen. Now stay with us, the short journey over the Pennines is more than worth it for some of the most Instagrammable food around.

These hot dogs are also something that Leeds can’t offer you: they’re neon and come with edible flowers.

pink hot dog
The Chippy D Hot Dog. / Image: Pom’s Kitchen

Behold, the Chippy D. Inspired by a British traditional chippy and the warm colours of the Australian coastline, this hot dog features mushy peas, crispy scraps, tartare sauce and seasoned with salt and vinegar.

Best eaten straight out of the papers, the neon coloured hot dog bun alone will have you transported Down Under despite the freezing temperatures here in England.

Pom’s Kitchen is a bakery that knows what people need: making their menu effortless, but ever-changing, with plenty of specials. This means that all their menu is not always available, so even if you can’t get your hands on a Chippy D in December, there’s no reason you won’t see it reappear on the menu sometime soon.

rainbow bagel with biscoff biscuit
Rainbow bagels are filled with Biscoff spread and banana at Pom’s. / Image: Pom’s Kitchen

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As you’d imagine, the hot and cold drinks carry the same finesse and include freakshakes and smoothies with inspiring names like Sydney Sunset, with raspberry, pineapple and orange, or Sun Salute, made from mango, orange, ginger and turmeric.

Inspired by Australian cuisine and bold colours, Pom’s Kitchen is a bright, fun-filled cafe where even the bagels are treated with the utmost precision. Since we won’t be travelling to Australia any time soon, the laid-back vibes inside Pom’s Kitchen are the closest you’ll get to Byron Bay this year.

To get your neon hot dog, you’ll have to get on the train to Sheffield and head over to Pom’s Kitchen, but for more information in advance of your trip, you can always visit their Instagram page.

Feature Image- Pom’s Kitchen

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