There’s an arcade bar near Leeds with a pub quiz prize of £1000

Next Level in Dean Clough, Halifax hosts a smartphone quiz every Wednesday with a £1000 prize.

In Leeds, we’re lucky enough to have a pub quiz every night of the week.

Whether you fancy a themed Harry Potter, Disney, Songs, Culture, Sports, General Knowledge or even Pictionary rounds- we like to think we have it all.

That is except a major cash prize.

The Waterlane Boathouse once had a whopping £700+ cash prize for their Monday night quiz, but we’ve managed to find another thats bound to beat any other contender by a couple of hundred pounds.

bar with neon signs
Image: Next Level Halifax

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Next Level is an arcade bar in Dean Clough, Halifax where you can play everything from pinball to Mario Kart and now, you can win a grand prize of £1000 at their weekly pub quiz.

Every Wednesday night, Next Level (also known as Nxt Lvl) hosts a smartphone quiz that anyone can enter.

locked box with £1000 inside
Image: Next Level Halifax

Starting at 8pm sharp, all you have to do is answer the questions on your screen. If you get the last question right, you get to choose a key to try and open up the Super Mario Bros. block containing the £1000 cash prize in £10 notes.

Sounds simple, right?

We’re guessing the question is going to be a University Challenge-style that’ll be difficult to guess, so make sure you bring your brainiest team mates with you to guess.

Even if you’re not a winner on this occasion, there’s plenty of old-school games to play and some giant burger and chips on the menu too.

burger and chips
Image: Next Level Halifax

Dean Clough is approximately thirty minutes from Leeds city centre, but with a cash prize that could pay for a huge holiday, a fancy sofa or a really big night out- it’ll be well worth the drive for the successful winner.

To get a place at this week’s quiz, visit the Next Level Halifax Instagram for all the information you need.

Feature Image- Next Level Halifax

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