Leeds train station set to open its doors to busker performances

It is the first pitch of its kind outside of London.

It’s about to get very musical in Leeds train station, as musicians will soon be able to apply online for a chance to perform.

Our daily commute is about to get a soundtrack, as Leeds train station is set to welcome busker performances.

Both emerging and established artists will be able to apply to play on the main concourse, in a scheme organised through Network Rail.

The plan has also been arranged through Leeds Beckett University and Found in Music.

It is apparently the first pitch of its kind outside of London.

Leeds was chosen due to its station being one of the busiest and biggest outside of the capital, with thousands of people passing through it each day.

Bassist of the Kaiser Chief, Simon Rix, said: “At a time when up-and-coming musicians need all the support they can get to access venues, build a fan base or get their own music heard, we’ve seen that busking has a really valuable role to play.”

A busker.
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Kate Jones, Busk in London director, spoke about Leeds “fabulous musical heritage”.

“You’ve got tiny venues to big venues and a huge talent pool of people who want to play,” she said. 

Those who would like to perform in Leeds station can apply online here.

So what do you all think? Will buskers playing in the station improve your morning commute to work and brighten your journey home?

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