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New burger house using ‘world’s hottest chilli’ opens in Leeds

Boasting a heat of up to 2.4 million Scoville Heat Units, the Carolina reaper pepper is just as ferocious as it is tasty – and it’s already causing quite the stir at this new burger joint

A new burger house serving burgers made with the ‘world’s hottest chilli’ has opened in Leeds and some people are very excited about it.

From a 24k gold burger and a ten patty high challenge burger to its might Carolina reaper burgers, YOH Burgers has some insane-looking specials.

For those who want to go all-in on the chilli hype, there are two options: chicken and beef, both billed as using the ‘world’s hottest chilli’.

The YOH Burgers 10 x Challenge burger is no joke, with ten 3oz patties, cheese, lettuce and burger sauce / Image: YOH Burgers

Encased within a purply pink beetroot bun, tuck into 6oz of fresh YOH Black Angus Beef or a peri chicken fillet layered with cheese, nachos, lettuce, onions and YOH’s legendary Reaper sauce.

That said, if you’re not a big fan of heat there’s still loads on the menu for you here.

Other impressive-looking burger options (and there are a lot) include a 24K gold-topped black wagyu beef burger and a 10x challenge burger – comprised of ten 3 oz patties, cheese, lettuce, and YOH’s house burger sauce.

The family-run chain is a popular choice across Yorkshire and now they’ve arrived in Leeds / Image: YOH Burgers

Alternatively, you can opt to build your own burger – choosing from up to four different styles of bun (glazed or seeded brioche, black charcoal and red beetroot), four proteins, and a seemingly unlimited number of sauces and extras.

The menu is so huge, in fact, you can also build your own pizzas, nachos, wraps, rice, salad, fries and noodle boxes – we genuinely defy anyone to say they can’t find something to eat here.

Using super-premium cuts of beef and top-grade chicken, this is the fifth site for YOH burgers which already has an established presence in Manchester, Sheffield, Rotherham and Wakefield.

The 24K gold wagyu burger from YOH Burgers / Image: YOH Burgers

You can order Yoh Burgers through their website, Uber Eats and Just Eat – and they are currently offering 10% off when you use the code YOH10 at the checkout.

Find YOH Burgers at Yoh Burger Unit 5 Dolly Lane Long Close Works, Leeds LS9 7NN.

Feature image – YOH Burgers.

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