Rate My Takeaway star Danny Malin “blown away” by Leeds sandwich pop-up

The YouTuber was taken aback by the vegan dishes.

Rate My Takeaway YouTuber Danny Malin returned to Leeds for a lunchtime treat.

Whilst the YouTuber started his video talking about the free pizza with every beer inside Cuckoo, the takeaway reviewer arrived over the road outside Roland’s to sample their kitchen residency’s well-considered menu.

Costing just shy of £40 for the whole menu, Danny Malin ordered the full offerings of Don’t Feed The Dog, the business behind the food to sample.

Danny in a seat.
Danny sat opposite Roland’s to review the food. / Image: Rate My Takeaway, YouTube

The menu only consists of three sandwiches and four small plates: but that’s all they need to keep you coming back, as Danny found out.

The sarnies here couldn’t be further from your boring ham and margarine combos: served with seemingly endless toppings, the flavours are unique blends you’re unlikely to have heard of before.

Starting with the oyster mushroom wings, Danny said: “They are amazing. I’m totally honest with you it’s not something I would order but wow. There’s a strong hint of chillis with spices a nice crisp batter on it… wow”.

mushrooms in a bowl.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

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“The flavour and the seasoning on this batter is unreal, I’ve honestly got to say to you its crunchy and it’s got a nice crisp to it… It’s like fried chicken with all the herbs and spices”

The deep-fried olives took the takeaway conessueiur by surprise, first thinking he’d need to “get them out the way”, Danny shared that they more like wine as the olives soften when heated to cook- “it’s all about that crispy coating”.

The potatoes are wafer thin layers of potato pressed together to make a full sized chip. Taking 15 hours to cook, Danny’s first words were “I can’t believe I’m saying oh my god about a chip… now these are pressed with butter and it’s given it a delicious taste let me tell you. It’s seasoned up, fried but it tastes really creamy, like creamy mash but it shouldn’t be… they are gorgeous”.

chips in a bowl.
15 hour cooked chips. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

“If I’m honest with you guys, these sides are next level”.

Moving on to Making up the vegan offering of the sarnie trio, the Mushroom Bahn Mi is made up of crispy fried oyster mushrooms with peanut butter, pickled daikon, carrots, fresh mint, fresh coriander, fresh chilli, peanuts and Sriracha mayo.

“I’m in love with that coating on the mushrooms” were the first thoughts before the Rate My Takeaway star noted that this is a sandwich that anyone would enjoy, regardless of dietary preference, commenting:

“So a lot of people if you’re not vegetarian you shy away from that side of the menu, I’ll be the first to admit that I do, I don’t even look at that side of the menu but this coating is tasty and this [all] is amazing”.

sandwich on a plate.
Bahn Mi Sandwich. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

The Bunga Bunga was just as well received: “That sandwich is the gift that keeps giving with every bite of this bad boy. The freshness… wow”

Made up of cured meats, mozzarella cheese, Guardinera, shredded romain lettuce, drizzled with mayo with ‘Cheese Crack’ baked in the oven and crumbled – or “snack crackle and pop” as Malin described the flavours.

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The takeaway star couldn’t recommend the quality of the produce enough and again admitted that the vegan mushrooms have “blown me away if I’m honest with you”, and each dish is well worth the price paid in his concluding piece to camera.

You can watch Danny Malin’s full review of Don’t Feed The Dog on his YouTube channel or you can read The Hoot’s review here.

Feature Image- Rate My Takeaway

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