Inside the Yorkshire’s own Privet Drive with Harry Potter staycation

Words by Abigail Johnson.

Looking for a magical staycation for you and the family?

We’ve found the perfect place for you to transport yourself into the wizarding world of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter. 

Get your broomstick and fly down to this spellbinding staycation in Badger Hill, York. It’s every Potterheads dream to stay in the Potter-themed house with its very own cupboard under the stairs.

This family house replicates that of a normal house outside, but when you step foot inside it’s unlike no other AirBnB you’ve ever seen. 

The REAL life Private Drive!

The property intends to hold up to seven ‘muggles’. The rooms include a bunk bed, king-size bed in the red room and a double bed in the Green Room. The rooms are very consciously decorated with small details; like pictures of Umbridge’s cats, Hedwig and even wands. 

The master bedroom includes luxurious decor with Gryffindor-colour bedsheets and canopy curtains with Dumbledore’s portrait watching over the bed frame; it’s the perfect stay.

We reckon you’ll sleep so well your body will think it’s been petrified!

You can also stay in the Slytherin Room: an exquisitely-draped, four-poster bed which is intended to be a replication of the Slytherin house common room. So why not stay and channel your inner Draco Malfoy? Or… even curl up in the ominous cupboard under the stairs. 

Sit down in the beautifully decorated living room where the Hogwarts letters are flourishing up the wall, just like in the film. This meticulous detail makes the storybook come alive, so why not sip a ‘pott’er tea’ (get it?) and play a game of wizards chess and ‘Snapes and ladders’. 

Netflix is also included with the house, you can even cosy on the sofa with the original films, and allow your staycation to become an immersive experience. 

The outdoor space is ‘huffelpuffection’ with spacious grass and patio area, perfect for children to run around playing a game of quidditch. 

This wizarding staycation is perfect to relax with the family before stepping foot onto the magical streets of York City Centre, located ten minutes away. 

York is a beautiful city, with many parts believed to be an inspiration for the books. The renowned Shambles is the real Diagon Alley with its medieval-style shops and houses.

Wand-er along its old, cobble paths and timber-lined frames are as strong as the sense of magic and history. Many of the buildings date back to the fourteenth and fifteenth century, making the streets act almost as a time capsule. 

To add to this magic, we’ve heard through the Snapevine that there are many shops and activities that you could see, such as; The Potions Cauldron at No. 9 3 1⁄4. In which you can visit the ‘secret potion room’ and make some mysterious, tasty potions. 

Or The Shop That Must Not Be Named; where you can pick up official Harry Potter merchandise like an Olivanders wand or a new cloak. 

For a more hands-on activity you could visit ‘The Hole in Wand’, a mystical mini golf course, located in Coppergate shopping Centre. 

GR8escape York also has a spell-tastic escape room in which you can only escape by proving that you are a real wizard through your spell ability, wand skills and potions knowledge. 

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So Harry up and visit ‘The Wizards House’ for a magical weekend away, available on Airbnb here.

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