This Leeds restaurant is serving up a fondue pizza that you can dip pickles into

The perfect dish to get you feeling all warmed up this icy cold February, don’t you think?

Yes, really.

Cheese lovers rejoice, because there’s a restaurant in town that have combined two cheese-based delicacies into one.

Introducing the ‘La Fonduta’ created by the ultimate, lactose-loving masterminds at Pizza Pilgrims.

And it’s really delivering exactly what it says on the tin.

A pizza topped with loads and loads of melted cheese which you can actually dunk stuff into like a real fondue. Utter madness.

Based around Fontina DOP which is a ‘rich and creamy, sweet but punchy, buttery yet nutty cheese’ found in the Italian Alps, the white base is topped with a melted concoction of this and stringy mozzarella for that Instagram-worthy cheese pull.

Then, if that hasn’t already got your mouth watering, you’re served a side of potatoes and pickles that you can dip into the fondue with fun metal sticks.

The perfect dish to get you feeling all warmed up this icy cold February, don’t you think?

And you better act fast, because the La Fonduta is only a guest special at Pizza Pilgrims this month so you best get a wiggle on if you fancy taking a trip to the Alps on Boar Lane.

Pizza Pilgrims is a recent addition to the Leeds food scene, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves when it comes to serving up an impressively good slice.

As the name suggests, their pilgrimage to make the perfect pie started back in 2011 which led them to a signature recipe which features a double fermented dough topped with fresh ingredients and baked at 500 ̊C.

The result? A pizza good enough you’ll take one bite and think you’re dining in a Roman piazza.

Featuring a huge range of flavours from your classic Margherita and Pepperoni to something a little more quirky like the Americana which has hot dogs and chips on it (yes, again we aren’t joking), these guys are switching up the pizza game and we are absolutely here for it.

So whatever pizza you fancy, take a trip to Pizza Pilgrims and enjoy.

Take a look at their full menu here.

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Featured images – The Hoot Leeds / Pizza Pilgrims

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