Leeds accent voted the most unattractive in the UK, new survey reveals

Bad news for us Yorkshire folk.

New research has shown that Brits think people from Leeds have the most unattractive accent in the UK.

The UK’s most unattractive accent has been revealed, and it’s bad news for us Yorkshire folk.

2,000 UK adults aged between 18-55 were surveyed by Preply, a language learning app and learning platform, to ask which accent they found most attractive.

The aim was to uncover British attitudes to language learning, as well as cultural attitudes towards accents and dialects.

A graph showing the UK's most attractive accents.
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Sadly for the whole of the UK, a whopping 41.50of people believe that no UK cities possess a particularly romantic or attractive accent.

London grabbed the top spot with 17.89% of people agreeing it’s the most attractive accent in the UK, Liverpool secured the second spot with 10.24% followed by Newcastle at 10.19%.

Coming in at the bottom of the list however was Leeds, with a measly 4.37% of people thinking their accent was somewhat attractive.

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Also near the bottom was Birmingham with 5.86% and Bristol at 5.57%.

Regarding regions, Yorkshire and Humber are not doing well in general when it comes to UK accents, with 52.12% of those surveyed not finding them attractive at all. 

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Nearly half of Greater London (47.18%) think that Londoners have the most attractive accent, there’s nothing like backing yourself is there.

For the Northern Irish, 17.54% think that the Liverpool accent speaks the language of love, whilst 34.15% of people in the North East love the Newcastle accent.

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