Six late minute Halloween costumes you can find in Leeds and wear year-on-year

From Alice in Wonderland to Thomas Shelby and the Peaky Blinders.

Whether you need a costume for the Otley Run or you’re looking for something for your annual Halloween party, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the planet in mind.

If there’s one thing to resent more than buying a costume for a one night event, it’s knowing that the cost per wear is poor. Not only is fast fashion a huge contributor to climate change, it’s also a waste of our hard-earned pennies.

That’s why this year we’re all about reusable costumes.

From classic Disney characters to hit TV characters that will be around for years to come, we’ve found six looks that are easy to recreate, and you can grab everything you need from Leeds’ own stores too.

Keep reading to find out who to dress up as and how to sort your costume again and again with minimal effort or spend.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland

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Curiouser and curiouser, this is an easy-to-recognise costume that can be recreated at home. Grab yourself a pastel blue dress (or dye an existing dress blue with ink) and add frilly material and you’re good to go. You can even cut up an old shirt into the apron shape for an inexpensive solution.

If you’re doing group costumes, you’ll also find bandanas to use as neck scarves for a Mad Hatter look and perhaps even a red printed dress for the Queen of Hearts.

Where you’ll find your costume in Leeds: Hidden Wardrobe should be your one stop stop for all things Wonderland.


All you need to transform into Emma Stone’s version of Cruella is a satin-look white shirt and plenty of bling. This easy outfit just requires some red lipstick and monochrome eyeshadow to complete the look. Dalmations are a bonus, but not essential.

Where you’ll find your costume in Leeds: Mki Miyukoi Zoku in the Corn Exchange or Zara on Briggate are your shops for a crisp white shirt.

If you’re not ready to commit to the two-colour hair do, then that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this easy Halloween costume. Grab some white colour hair spray from your local beauty store and spray half of your head for the same effect.

Peaky Blinders

You can alter a suit you have at home for this look. / Image: Netflix

The biggest gang in Birmingham may have return to our screens for the last time this year, but the Shelby statement is far from over if the number of Otley Run costumes is anything to go by. To channel your inner Shelby, all you need is a waistcoat and hat but you can use makeup to chisel your cheekbones and add some fake blood for an extra spooky look.

Where you’ll find your costume in Leeds: The British Heart Foundation opposite Kirkgate Markets has a great selection of Peaky Blinder-esque hats.

The charity shop have loads of options in a range of neutral colours: perfect to differentiate costumes if you’re going as a group. They also have a full rail of 20s Gatsby dresses and glamorous accessories for anyone wanting to dress as Ada or Polly.

Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister costume
We’re obsessed with Laura Whitemore’s version of SJP in Hocus Pocus / Image: Laura Whitmore, Instagram

Crushed velvet and plenty of pink is all you need to channel your inner Sanderson Sister. This costume will also keep you cosy and warm if you choose to grab yourself a cape made from the comfy material: vintage stores are you go-to for this.

Laura Whitmore shared this incredible Halloween outfit with her followers last year, but the costume has had a lasting impression.

Where you’ll find your costume in Leeds: Blue Rinse opposite the Corn Exchange is a great bet for this one, or head inside Leeds Kirkgate Market and speak to stallholders about creating a customised jacket.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This costume just requires some hairspray and white eyebrows. / Image: I Love Fancy Dress

Group costumes can be stressful, especially when it comes to knowing how many costumes you need. This Oompa Lumpa costume from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the ideal quick-fix as you can have as many or as little as you like: all you need in green hair.

Where you’ll find your costume in Leeds: Superdrug sell spray-on hair colours that wash out. Grab a neon green bottle and a white eyeliner for your brows and you’re sorted.

Squid Game Contestant

Given the smash TV series’ ratings over the past year, this costume is likely to make a return this year- and Kiyoko’s amazing Squid Game costume is the perfect example of how to recreate the look with minimal effort. It’s also really easy to recreate: all you need is a green striped jacket, like the 80s Adidas, and a number tag.

Where you’ll find your costume in Leeds: Ryan’s Vintage Store on Duncan Street and COW Leeds near Victoria Gate.Both stores stock what feels like an unlimited stock of brightly coloured sportswear. Their selection of Adidas jumpers will be perfect for this and by shopping vintage, you’re helping the planet: win, win.

Any other costumes…

In Leeds, you’ll find plenty of additional spots that always seem to have good stock of preloved fancy dress. We like to think it’s got something to do with our city’s love for the Otley Run and making sure that everyone is able to find a new costume week-on-week without spending a fortune or adding to landfills.

  • Buy Nowt LS6: a pay-as-you-feel ‘library of things’ in Headingley (here)
  • Oxfam Charity Shop, Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds,  LS6 3AB
  • The Community Shop, 14-16 Green Road, Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4JP
  • MIND, 10B St Michael’s Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3AW
  • St Gemma’s Hospice Charity Shop, 5 The Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 8NG
  • Cancer Research UK, 28 Lands Lane, Leeds City Centre, LS1 6LB

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Feature Image- Pexels / Blue Rinse Leeds

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