The best places in Leeds to get a cheese or charcuterie board

Cheese, cured meats, olives, crackers and more nibbles than you could possibly imagine- here’s our top charcuterie picks in Leeds.

It’s pronounced ‘shaar-koo-tr-ee’, and it’s a feast of all things cheese and meat.

If there’s one thing we love more than cheese in our dishes, it’s a standalone block with some crackers, fruits and meats to tuck into.

Charcuterie boards, mainly made up of cheese and meats, have been around since the 1400s- so a very long time, but it’s their ‘Instagrammability’ that’s supposedly the reason for they’ve been hyped up so much over the past few years.

We just think they’re delish, but we’re not complaining when a plate of all our favourite flavours looks aesthetic enough for the ‘gram. Turns out if you look hard enough, you’ll find so many menus in Leeds that now incorporate the sharing platter as a staple dish.

Here’s our favourite places to grab one.

Friends of Ham

Image: The Hoot Leeds

We can’t go any further without mentioning our friends at Friends of Ham. Here at The Hoot, we can’t get very far from the train station without thinking about, and subsequently drooling over the seasonal selection of cured meats and smelly cheeses they have to offer. Even their toasties are made from pickles, different types of mouthwatering cheddars and seasonal meat selections- inspired by the sharing boards on offer. This is certainly a top choice for any charcuterie connoisseur- and if you don’t fancy sitting upstairs, grab a seat at the Underbelly, the speakeasy beneath Friends of Ham with the same incredible menu.

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The Cheesy Living Co.

Image: The Cheesy Living Co.

Available from pop-ups around Leeds- but from coming to a permanent location this year sometime soon (fingers crossed), The Cheesy Living Co. is by far one of our favourite lockdown success stories from the wholesome Jake Fischer, the ‘big cheese’ and Soph Branowsky, Creative Director. The company create bespoke boxes of cheese, cured meats and accompaniments, as well as selling limited edition stock such as Spanish cheese, sweet rocky road salami and more- they’re the one to watch this year, we’re telling you.

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Bottle Chop

Image: Bottle Chop

Bottle Chop hasn’t been open for long in Far Headingley, but it’s constantly packed out with cheese and wine lovers all desperate to get a spot at the table. Every evening between the hours of 6pm and 9pm, grab a charcuterie board and do your bit for the planet at the same time by bringing a reusable wine and beer bottle. The company are sell their house wines and IPAs at £5 each and it can be refilled it as many times as you like- just make sure you leave space for the cheese.

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Better Days

Image: Better Days

Better Days is the only bar that offers mental wellbeing support completely for free, the fact that they sell a huge range of charcuterie, waffles and pancakes is just a bonus. If you manage to get over on a Thursday evening, they host a live open mic night with a host of different singers, poets and musicians taking turns on the mic. Open Wednesday – Sunday, you’ll find this hidden gem inside the Merrion Street Grand Arcade.

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Image: Decanter Leeds

Decanter is an independent wine bar set in the heart of Leeds and they have a six page menu to show off their expertise. On the food menu, there’s meat platters, cheese and charcuterie or a combo plate for four or more people to share. Some of our top picks on these include the scratchings, Yorkshire Lomo, red onion chutney and 18-month-cured Jamón Serrano.

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The Watermark Bar

Image: The Watermark Bar

The Watermark is locally known for its outlandish nights out, including their blanket fort birthday party and, more recently, Cinderella-style search to return a Croc with it’s owner- but it’s their food and drink that will have you through the door and refusing to leave until 4am. Turns out, the popular Leeds bar offer meat and cheese boards, as well as hummus and crumpets until 4am. At £15 per board, end the night by sharing your treats with your nearest and dearest whilst keeping the party alive with cocktails and some of the most eclectic tunes in Leeds.

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Canal Club

Image: Canal Club

Found on a huge twelve page menu, hidden amongst a selection of other nibbles are Charcuterie Jars: a selection of deli meats and cheeses, served (you guessed it) in a small jar- perfect for snacking on. Canal Club is open day and night to serve up your cheese and meat needs, as well as plenty of other delicious snacks, inspired by a fusion of faraway places, and is sure to become a daytime favourite for many as well as a midnight snack for party-goers.

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Feature Image- Friends of Ham

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