Hyde Park Picture House is hosting ‘pay what you can’ cinema screenings for families

Introducing… Hyde & Seek.

Having recently reopened following a long development project, Hyde Park Picture House is continuing to bask in its new updated facade – and with the grand reopening came plenty of local offerings for the whole community to get involved in.

Including Hyde & Seek, a family-friendly ‘pay what you can’ event running every weekend from 11am.

Cinema showings are every Saturday and Sunday at 11am, and cover classics like 101 Dalmatians and The Wizard of Oz right through to modern favourites like Frozen and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

All visits to Hyde & Seek, the family-friendly matinee performances are all ‘pay what you can’ so that everyone can join in, regardless of income.

Hyde Park Picture House outlines a sliding scale from zero to £8 depending on your own financial situation and gives all cinema-goers the choice to decide which of the following statements best suits their needs.

£0I struggle to meet my basic needs.
£2I just about cover my basic needs.
£4I can cover my basic needs.
£6I comfortably meet my basic needs.
£8I have expendable income and financial security.

Around once a month, each session comes with a craft-making option too, taking place thirty minutes before the screening.

Hyde Park Picture House provides all the art supplies you need, and each design is chosen to be suitable for most ages and abilities. Previous examples include ghosts and wreath making, as well as creating your own dinosaur with Amazing Creations.

paper drawings of dinosaurs on a table.
Image: HPPH

Hyde Park Picture House says: “Cultural spaces can feel intimidating. This can be especially so for younger people who are just starting to explore the world. We also know that as a historic venue the grand features which for many people are a reason to love the Picture House, can also feel unfamiliar and scary for others.”

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To find out more, including to book yourself a space at the next Hyde & Seek, visit the Hyde Park Picture House website here.

Feature Image – Hyde Park Picture House

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