Where to grab the most unusual pizzas in Leeds

Topping include marmite, chocolate, carbonara, spaghetti and IKEA lingonberry sauce.

Pizza: weird and wonderful edition.

They say the best pizza in the world is from New York- apparently there’s something in the water that makes the slices taste so good. Here in the UK, we don’t have special water that you find in NYC, but we do have a lot of contenders that could take either NYC or even Italy’s pizza for the crown- and it’s all in the topping choices.

Here in Leeds, our best ideas come from the weird and the wonderful. The wackier, the better. And that certainly doesn’t stop with pizza.

Here’s our favourite places to grab some of the most unusual slices around.

Marmite Pizza from Cuckoo

Image: Cuckoo

The flavours at Cuckoo are truly out of this world and better yet, they come free with every single drink purchased after 5pm. There’s no room for classics- these pizzas are truly unique. The Love or Hate pizza is just one example. Naturally, you’re either going to think this is the world’s greatest pizza or take one bite and nothing more. It’s a marmite base topped with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese.

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IKEA-inspired Pizzas from The Homeboy Pizza Co.

Image: Homeboy Pizza Co.

The Dillmatic is a dill and onion creamy based pizza with mozzarella, Lengonberry Jam, Parmesan and topped with Swedish meatballs or mushrooms, depending on your preference- and sounds like it came straight from the IKEA food canteen. The Homeboys is another of our city’s lockdown success stories and it’s clear that their experimental style and creative flair is continuing to allow them to cook up a storm in the city and beyond.

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Carbonara Pizza from Livin’ Italy

Image: Livin’ Italy

Thanks to this new pizza, we’ll never have to choose between our favourite varieties of carbs again. Traditionally made from eggs, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper, the age-old favourite of carbonara has made its way onto the menu for good reason- if anything we can’t believe it’s not come to Leeds sooner. A white-sauce base with creamy cheese, parmesan and cured pork meat makes up this tasty meal that will no-doubt have foodies flocking in by the masses.

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Pizza Sandwiches from Mozza

Image: Mozza

This new Leeds spot has brought an unusual Italian delicacy, serving Panozza pizza sandwiches. Using Neapolitan Sourdough and traditional Italian fillings, these are really putting Mozza on the map. Popular fillings include a Ricotta cheese, Spianata Calabrese salami, grilled courgettes and extra virgin olive oil – sounds unreal. Also the Italian sausage and Neapolitan broccoli looks delicious, to be honest I want to try them all.

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Metre-long pizzas from The Yorkshire Deli

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 The Yorkshire Deli’s menu, the metre-long versions will comfortably feed six – so make sure to come hungry. Priced at £40, it’s actually a steal too if you split it six ways. They also have another tempting looking big pizza on their menu, called the Mezzo (£25). A mix between a calzone and a pizza, the menu says: “this one is for the hungry or maybe to share, a ‘HUGE’ pizza combined with a calzone, what’s not to love?”

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Deep fried pizzas from Luigi’s Street Food

Image: Luigis Street Food Italiano

Known as a panzerotto, the traditional Italian dish is deep fried pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and a choice of toppings- and they’re going down a treat. Luigi’s Street Food was up in Trinity Kitchen in January and was paid a visit by Rate My Takeaway legend, Danny Malin. The YouTuber stopped to try out the deep-fried pizza, chicken parmi and other authentic Italian treats and was highly impressed: you can’t get a better recommendation in Leeds really.

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Spaghetti Pizza from Disco Kitchen

Image: Disco Kitchen

Disco Kitchen is a new restaurant in Halifax with an ever-changing menu, where everyone is welcome and nothing is off limits. Owners Lisa and Brian opened Disco Kitchen in April as an inclusive space with a unique menu and laid-back atmosphere that makes it the perfect place for unwinding and partying alike. The spaghetti pizza is no exception to the unique menu on offer, we’ve seen garlic bread burritos, hangover poutine and loads of unique concepts that you wont’ see anywhere else.

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Wonka Dessert Calzone from Cuckoo

Image: Cuckoo

The dishes at Cuckoo are so incredibly unheard of they’ve made it on to this list multiple times. There’s also a range of dessert pizzas for those with a sweet tooth. Think Wonka Calzones with Nutella, marshmallows, fudge sauce and cinnamon sugar and PB&J pizzas with peanut butter and jelly spread across. Still not a margarita in sight.

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Feature Image- Cuckoo

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